Friday, April 01, 2005

What a Nasty Day to Have a Wicked Wit

Gay men are know for their biting wit. For centuries, gay men used their sharp tongues as a weapon for some nasty humor. I don't know if a gay man invented "April Fools Day", but I think gay men have somehow contributed to the rituals of this day.

In doing some research for this blog post, I came across an old post on Badpuppy. Jack Nichols wrote an interestng essay on Martin Duberman, the sometimes noted gay historian. He's most famous for his autobiographies, "CURES" and " Midlife Queer". He is one prolific writing queen.

Nichols writes that Duberman believes in outing so much that he feels that the strive for celebrity "surrender(s) a portion of a person's privacy". Just think of Jeff Gannon's 15 minutes of fame.

This dude, Duberman is one sick puppy. In this book, "CURES", he describes how he went home after a therapy session, dunked "his penis in a glass of warm water, taking seriously his doctor's bogus advice on how to remove herpes" and walked around like that for hours at a time. This from a man who has a PH.D from Harvard.

So, don't become the butt of someone's joke today. There are enough strange people in this world to make fun of themselves naturally. If Paul Lynde were alive today, he probably be wise cracking about always being the bridesmaid and never the bride. Glad we don't have to hear or see that.

By the way, I really think you guys really have cute butts. No April fooling about that.

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