Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tattoos: A Sign of Individual Expression or a Stupid Mistake

I was just thinking about getting a tattoo on the left side of my lower abs above the hip. Something biker related or a bicep, larger than a size of a quarter, and probably smaller than the size of a yogurt plastic cap.

How many of you hot dudes have tattoos. Have you regretted getting them? Were they significant at the time, but not meaningful now?

They are a form of individual expression and they commit you to whatever form they take.

I know some guys really like the tattoo that looks like an armband. They are cool, but I still like to wear my leather armband.

It's definitely something to consider as well as who is repurtable. You really don't want something like blood poisoning or something worse if it is performed by an amateur. So stay clear of those offering tattoos on the party circuit or the gay rodeo circuit.

If I had a favorite image, it would be of a muscular bear giving big hairy hugs to another guy.


Scott said...

I have a tattoo. Took me years to finally go and get it. I wanted to make sure it was something that meant something and was original not just some cookie cutter tattoo image.

I have never regretted getting my tattoo. You can see a pic here.

My Tattoo is of a Tumi. Which is an Incan ceremonial knife. I am Peruvian btw so I got something from Peru's history.

Scott said...
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Jason Appleby said...

I have two tattoos - the first I got with my best friend five years ago. Regardless of all that's happened since (including, but not limited to, a transcontinental move and a marriage) I still believe that the tattoo symbolises the bond that we still share.

My second tattoo is on my right shoulder (above the shoulder blade) - it's a phoenix, my self appointed totem. It's about the size of my hand and always draws comment.

Andrew said...

One on each bicep. Abstract design, one self designed and no regrets. You must choose carefully though.

D. Travers Scott said...

I've been getting ink for over 10 years and don't regret it - I should've been more particular on some of the design details but, overall, my attitude has always been that if I "outgrow" the design it'll just serve as a reminder of where I was at some time in my past, and I'm cool with that.

2 shots of newest here, you might need to scroll down.

Scotty said...

I have 3 actually. 1 I totally regret (my first) the second I like but it wasn't done very profesionally so it needs some work and the third I absolutely love and have no regrets. Drop me an e-mail and I will send you pics of each and an explanation. I like havnign tatts though. So when do we get to see a pic of you? ;) My curiosity is piqued.

Nick said...

i've got 3 now. only one i regretted was my second one -- but i've since had it covered up by the full sleeve that i've got in progress. all my other ink i absolutely love. each one of my pieces has a story behind it.

peruvchick said...

Hi Scott, I love your Tatoo! I'm planning to have one as well a bit smaller on my lower back... I'm looking for the perfect tumi picture (I will head to Peru in October) did you go there to get it down?, if so can you tell me where?