Friday, April 15, 2005

We Win Some, We Lose Some

After winning the right to gay civil unions in Connecticut, the Oregon Supreme Court yesterday voided sam-sex marriage licenses. As many as 3000 gay and lesbian couples were married in Multnomah County a year ago. Portland, Oregon, for a while with San Francisco, was a popular place for gay men to tie the knot. Now their marriages are nullified.

The court ruled that Oregon law ban same-sex marriages. It also noted that Oregon voters approved a constitutional amendment last November that even more explicitly prohibits same-sex marriages.

Oregon Governor Ted Kulonoski said that he would push for a low allowing gay couples to form civil unions that would give them many of the rights and priviledges of marriage.

So the score card stands, yes to same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, no everywhere else in the U.S. except for Vermont and now Connecticut, which allow civil unions for gay couples.

On another note, I am a Washington Nationals fan and yesterday they won their home opener.
I live rather far away to attend weeknight games, but I will head down there sometime later in the season to see my team play. Go Nats!!!


Keith said...

I agree! Yah for the Nats! I'm so old, I can remember when the Senators played. I think I even saw a game between them and the Tigers at old tiger stadium.

Phil Thomas said...

I am so ashamed to be American sometimes. How can we say were are the land of the free and then ban a group of people standard rights. What is still amazing is that I still love this country; even as they step on my rights I would defend it. Mr. Bush THAT IS PATRIOTISM, and long after you are nothing more than another EX president I will still be the person I have always been, A Gay American.