Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Your Gaydar: Fuzzy or Crystal Clear?

Whenever you see a hot guy in a public place, you ask yourself, Is he or isn't he?

We've all have believed that we possess a certain 6th sense that can spot one of our own kind.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

For me, I've been wrong in my guesses sometimes, but most times, I've been right on target.
I find that if I smile and the smile is returned, I'm heading in the right direction. If guys are partnered and are hanging out together walking the mall or other place, most times I am correct in my assumption. Also the type of look, beard and dress, such as leather vest and jeans, also leads me to the right conclusion. But not always.

Reading various blogs, straight guys and women claim that they have the power to pick us out in a crowd. Aside from the obvious, I doubt if they have such receptive power. These bloggers are spreading hate over the net and perceive almost everyone who isn't like them to be gay.

However you got to use your gaydar or you can seriously find yourself losing this power.
If you'd like to share your own observations, please do. After all, we're here, we're queer and we're everywhere.


Danny said...

I find my gaydar works best when I go beyond what people are wearing and, like you, pay attention to how they respond to me. Straight men loathe to make eye contact with another man, so this is probably my #1 indicator of inherent gayness. It's either that or my fly is open....but why the hell are they looking at my crotch in the first place?

Cement Brunette said...

My 'dar is pretty right on except when it comes to Europeans. They really throw me off? But as I always say, who cares if they are straight. So's spaghetti 'til you cook it! mmmmkay?

cola boy said...

I love my gaydar. It turns a stroll in the mall into an engrossing guessing game. And after deciding if someone is (or isn't) I then daydream about WHAT I'd do to/with them.