Friday, March 18, 2005

The 3rd Annual TVLand Awards Recognizes Desperate Housewives as a Future TV Classic

Openly gay, writer, creator, Marc Cherry was honored this past week during the 3rd Annual TVLand Awards. Marc graciously accepted the award, suggesting that those long hours in front of the TV as a gay kid was responsible for this success today. Big hairy muscle hugs to Marc.

The show itself was pretty funny. A skit of a classic version of Desperate Housewives featured Marion Ross as Marcia Cross's character, Brie. That red wig of hers was a hoot. Other classic stars included Joyce DeWitt as Teri Hatcher's character (we found out the real reason how she burned down Nicollette Larson's character's house). Also pulling up the rear was Barbara Eden, Shirley Jones, and Charo as the hootchy coochy Gabrielle character. "Sexy" men portrayed include Abe Bogota, Jerry Mathers (a now freakish, Beaver), and with his shovel in hand, Don Knotts.

Last year's future classic award went to "Arrested Development" which may not make it to its third year. So I hope the award isn't a jinx.

Only Marc as a gay man could have developed a plot based on the twisted behind the curtains look at the comings and goings on Wisteria Lane. Making dirt fun has become an American pastime. That explains all the interest in celebrity trials, gossip shows and of course, blogs.

On another note, it's time for me to strap on the tool belt again this weekend for a do-it-yourself project. Ordered some artificial wall stone which looks like canyon stone and will be mortoring it around a small interior fireplace. It's going to be a one-man job, unfortunately. I'll let you know how it went. Have an enjoyable and safe weekend.


cola boy said...

Oh, no! I forgot to record the TV-Land show! Thanks for the update. I would have loved to have seen the DH take-off. Mad-TV did their own take-off of DH a few weeks ago.

And speaking of DH....when is the next episode? We haven't seen one in about 1 month.

As for Arrested Developement, that is one of the funniest shows (second only to Scrubs). I hope it does get renewed. I'm really bummed that Dead Like Me won't be back...I don't think I could take another of my favorite shows killed off after only a few seasons.

aguysite said...

hey buff tuff! thanks for the comments you left on my "guy tv" blog and aguysite blogs. you are one hot fcker. hairy + hot.

but what's up with that red x on the top of your page. is it me or does it always show up like that?

TonkaManOR said...

Hey thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. How did the stonework go?

Gilbert said...

Hey babe, that foodporn website is awsome, thanks for the post!
Oh, did I tell you are one hot fucker, woooof!!!!!

hbjock said...

Hey handsome... thanks for the words of encouragement on my site! Yeah I'm big on visualization.. heheh and I hope it works!

Btw, Desperate Housewives could become a classic, it's certainly popular around here!