Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Greg Herren, author of gay murder mystery novels, was uninvited to speak at a Richmond, VA area high school

If you have been following Virginia politics lately, the state has gone on record as being the most gay unfriendly state in the US. The tourism slogan, "Virginia is for Lovers" does not apply to gay men and lesbians. They are being silenced and politically tortured. To read more about this, click on

Greg Herren was invited to speak in the school cafeteria twice to students of this Richmond area high school. Greg is a hot daddy and a gifted writer. His most famous books include "Murder in the Rue Dauphine and Bourbon Street Blues featuring a gay hero Scotty Bradley, an openly gay personal fitness trainer. The books are fun reads, light and never dull.

But an antigay group raised such a stink that his invitation was withdrawn. Some bloggers claimed that he would show up in a leather harness and cock ring to read selections from his book. This is farther from the truth.

It's a shame that free speech was again shown the front door. No matter whether he gave his readings in a school or a bookstore, Greg would have been hounded.

While I hope this issue is laid to rest, I feel that Greg was unjustly and unfairly treated. Hopefully a college audience in the future will be priviledged to hear and see him in person.
His message is one that gay guys can do anything they set out to do, even solve murders.

His sexy, hot character, Scotty, might best be used to illustrate to young gay men that you can be hot, have a meaningful life, and play safe. Maybe even the cover model could make personal appearances along with Greg to actually demonstrate putting on a condom.

I am sure Greg feels burned by all this bad press. He really deserved better treatment.


Knottyboy said...

I hate bigots, period. I know that's juvenile and a bit suspect but what the hell are they afraid of? Lit is lit, no matter if its gay humor or Harlequin romance. What these kids would have benefited from was someone who has taken a talent and turned it into a career. Most of those kids might end up working at Mickey D's with a huge butt and living alone.

Danny said...

This topic is coming more and more to the forefront of our community as the religious zealots continue to erode our freedoms. It's a sad state of affairs indeed.

We just had a clash with an anti-gay group at the Indiana State House yesterday which addresses the very issue of fear based activism from the conservative Christian community.
Check out:
for highlights and reviews of our protest rally to fight this kind of discrimination.
Remember, this is your opportunity to make a difference. Channel your anger in a positive direction instead of hating them.