Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So What's Your Favorite Easter Treat or Tradition?

For me, nothing says yummy like those Cadbury creme filled Easter eggs. ALL creamy and gooey. Can't be beat.

What I can't stand are those Marshmellow Peeps. Yuck. Why people buy them is beyond me. A real waste of sugar and coloring. Also I hate those hollow chocolate Easter rabbits. Only the ears seem to be solid. Like really licking hard and coming up empty.

I just know that the hunky Easter Bunny will be hopping around with his basket full of creamy treats and making a lot of special visits. WOOOF.

On a sad note, I found out that another act of violence of gay men has hit the news, this time in Santa Fe, NM. This is really surprising because this had been a mecca for gay men and lesbians to enjoy life. Now really nowhere is safe for gay men to express themselves holding hands, kissing, etc. in public.

Second only to San Francisco in the percentage of same-sex households, Santa Fe promotes itself as a vacation and retirement area for gay men and lesbians. But in the current state legislature, there have been motions to ban gay marriage. There was plenty of anti-gay rhetoric and hate speech on the airwaves and in the media.

The victim is now out of the hospital and has not been seen in public. Not the best way to spend the Easter holiday. Unfortunately this won't be the last incident of gay violence that we will read about. We can't ever assume that a place, no matter how it is billed, is totally safe. It's just the way life is for us openly gay men. A really sad commentary.

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