Friday, December 07, 2007

Ten Things Every Gay Man Should Know. Wow, This Is Way Too Easy. What about the other 59?

Something I thought I'd share with you. Our lives can't be that easy.

10 things every gay man should know Filed by: Bill Browning December 3, 2007 1:27 PM

Don't you wish being gay came with an owner's manual sometimes? Wouldn't it make things so much easier if we just had a checklist?

In that spirit, Bill shares with us what he considers to be the top ten things every gay man should know.

1. You will never find "the one" by trolling for sex on Manhunt.

2. Just because you're part of a minority group doesn't mean you know how all other minorities feel.

3. Some churches don't think you're sinful and in need of redemption.

4. You don't have to be married to be in a committed relationship.

5. HIV/AIDS is a gay disease. So are cancer, leukemia, bipolar disorderand cerebral palsy.

6. Just because you're "straight-acting" doesn't mean you're better than someone who's not.

7. Dick size does matter, but not as much as knowing how to use what you've got.

8. You are not the spokesperson for our cause. Others might have a different experience.

9. Steel Magnolias is not the best movie ever made. Neither is Brokeback Mountain.

10. Ass-less chaps are not appropriate evening wear for a fancy restaurant.

Now they tell me. I was thinking about wearing my chaps bare butt and booted later today for my post-opp visit with my surgeon.

Hey guys, last week I had two hernias repaired. I guess that's the down side of being a top man.

But I am feeling much better having them repaired, than I did before the operation. I'm still pretty much black and blue, so that's not a pretty sight.

Mega hairy muscle hugs to you guys. Hoping all is well, sexy, and horny with each and every one of you, studs. WOOF.


raindog469 said...

Hey, Manhunt may not have been around 11 years ago, but I met my partner back then, on a bulletin board with the same kind of focus as Manhunt.

Sometimes coffee and a blow job does turn into "till death do us part", unlikely as that may seem at the time. In every way that mattered, he was "the one".

Lemuel said...

I thank you for that "10 list". For me it was very affirming and reassuring.

Dwight said...

I'll read the list in a second. But, daddy, I have to say WOOF first!!!

Anonymous said...

You really got two hernias repaired caused by sex?? Dang thats good to hear, thought I was the only one that injured myself during an insane night with the S.O. Still going strong 8 years later!

Naked Workshops said...

You may be a Top, but that butt is hot enough to tap! Glad to hear that you're on the mend. You'll be swinging boys in slings before Christmas.

Chris (in Philly) said...

All black and blue? :( Poor bear.
I am sure you are still rather woofy Mr. Tuff.

Tony said...

WOW Buff!

You are one sexy, hot, gorgeously furry, MoFo! Damn, this boy is going to have to force you to be a BOTTOM. :-P By the way, I love the 'coy' shot of you up in the left corner of your blog under "Indian Summer."

Aside all the fun commentary, hope all has been well with you, that your fully recouped from your surgeries, etc.

Hugs and Tugs!