Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day 2007. A Grim Reminder of the Nightmare Gay Men Continue to Live With, and Will Continue to, Unless, Commonsense Prevails

Today, marks yet another observance of World AIDS Day. This is one observance that I wish, would no longer have to take place. But it will, as long as, safer sex is not practiced.
I have continuously advocated safer sex as a reoccurring theme throughout the existence of this blog. I have begged, made numerous examples of hot alternatives to unsafe sex, pleaded, whatever, to draw attention to why the spread of HIV among gay men can never be condoned. It has to be condemned and the only way to fuck safely is by using condoms.
Yes, new revised UN statistics make the disease less threatening and less of an epidemic. I guess, for that, we should be grateful. But this really doesn't matter if one more gay man is infected today and tonight.
So, if there is a gay god, please sprinkle some cautious fairy dust among all gay men having sex to prevent the spread of any more infection tonight.
I cringe when this observance falls on Saturday, because this night makes gay men seem more vulnerable to unsafe sex temptation. If only all gay men getting together tonight could give each other mega hairy muscle hugs and body bond safely, with a lot of hot foreplay, and wake up tomorrow in each others arms, knowing that they survived the night without getting infected.
Then I would become a true believer in fairy tales.


Cowboy said...

It's not only just about safe sex, but if your going to shoot up, use your own needle. Not that I am encouraging drug use. Use your Head and some "Common Sense".!!!

Will said...

I'm with cowboy, but so many guys aren't, some of them with malicious intent.

Sorry I haven't been around recently, Buff--I'm laid [not in the good way] up with a broken ankle and haven't been able to get to a computer all that often.

Big hugs from New Hampshire--you speak the true word.