Monday, February 12, 2007

Mega Hairy Muscle Valentine's Day Hugs

Well guys, as you know, Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I guess I have always been a closet cupid. I enjoy seeing guys together, loving each other, sharing their passion, their lives, making each other happy.
Even after that Snicker's Super Bowl commercial, I can think of nothing sexier than two guys sharing some delicious between their lips. Enjoying a creamy chocolate Dove bar or other treat maximizes the taste buds and makes for fun eating.
So guys, I want each of you to pledge to me that when Cupid's arrow strikes, and it will, that you hug that cute guy next to you, whisper sweet nothings in his ear, give some tongue action if appropriate, and make him feel like he never felt before. When he moans, you got him where you want him.
Have a super Valentine's Day full of affection and hot sizzling sex.


Naked Workshops said...

You've got that promise from me, handsome!

Here's hoping that you're nearby when Cupid strikes.

Bare with me,

PS - if you wanna swap links on our sites, hit me up.

1dude said...

Wanna lick you up and down..make you real hot:P

Somehow your looking better and better lately, how cum?? A lower fatpercentage?? Whatever it is, it's working;))

Shaney said...

Ahhh have a great V'Day buddy...Hope its full of senusal, passionate, hot, sexy fun...xox

TOS said...

Deal! That Boo will get all that and more (and hopefully me too!) I hope the same to you! "Smooth-chested-yet-wish-I-had-fur" bearhugs to you!

Naked Workshops said...

hey there, handsome...shoot me email at

I wanna discuss the link exchange and ask ya a question

Bare with me,
Naked Workshops

Joshua said...

Happy Valentine's Day

lifescolorfulbrushstrokes said...

Happy Valentine's Day my Canadian HUNK!!!! Wish I could hear my guy "moan" or maybe he'd rather hear moan?! *sigh*