Friday, March 10, 2006

Things I'd Like to Get Off My Chest.

A lot of different things have been happening recently that both piss me off and make me mad.
Yes, I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it!!!

Item: Brokeback Mountain gets the shaft by the Academy. What a bunch of chickenshit voters who thought they did the "correct" thing by giving Ang Lee the award for best director, yet not casting their vote for Brokeback as best picture. What a hollow acknowledgement. Brokeback was nominated for best picture, had won it in previous awards, but was denied the ultimate, the Oscar for Best Picture. I am happy to read that there is a movement in Hollywood by some who are pissed off with this outcome to acknowledge that Brokeback Mountain was indeed the best picture for 2005.

Item: Edgar gets knocked off "24". Now, you may ask why that makes me mad. Again, this is "pick on gay men week in the media" and his character might well be gay., So what happens. They allow him to come into contact with the deadly gas that was leaked from the canister, and die. Sure, our hero, Edgar was a wuss most times, but Chloe had a soft spot in her heart for him as a friend and a colleague who she could push around. Next time, I wish they pick on some hairy muscle stud to work for CTU in their operations center who is gay and who would stand up to any of those terrorists.

Item: Moving Las Vegas to Friday nights. While that might not seem such an earth shattering thing, it is a dumb ass move. I like Las Vegas because it is mindless entertainment which doesn't hurt anyone. And it gets good ratings on Mondays. But Donald Trump whines and gets their Monday spot. So what happens, Trump loses 30 percent of the audience each week while Las Vegas retains its same audience share. The show has legs, but all the same, it should not have been moved to Fridays. I'd like to be the guy to say, "Trump, You Are Canceled. Get the hell off the air."


cola boy said...

Moving shows to other nights can be a death knell. Just look at Alias.

JB said...

Yeah, the whole Brokeback thing was kinda disappointing but not a surprise...sigh

Spider said...

OH - I am sorry Buff, you were saying - I just can't keep my eyes off that STUD in the blue shorts or my hands off my dick WHILE looking at the STUD in the blue shorts - DAMN he is fine!

Oh yea - would SOMEONE please shoot or at least cancel Trump...

Will said...

For what it's worth, friends in the profession tell me the Oscars, if not exactly irrelevant, are so politicized, so corrupt and so commercially oriented that other awards, like the Screen Actors Guild and the Golden Globes are far more valuable indicators of real accomplishment.

Will said...

oh, and that guy's chest is SPECTACULAR. God love you, Buff. :-)




HOW ARE U ?????? STILL HOT ???


Teddy Pig said...

Trump needs an enema!
Every time he talks all I see is that horrible rancid wig covering an inflated ego.
Make it go away!
How can something that fake have so much money?