Friday, March 17, 2006

Squeezing and Enjoying It By Playing Safely. But to others, Barebacking is the Norm for Sexual Pleasure.

The following goes to show that some gay men will make any excuse to practice unsafe sex, even bending the definition of what constitutes unsafe sex.

March 9, 2006 -- Are gay men who actively seek out condomless sex – or don't turn it down when offered – different from other gay men? And what value does sharing bodily fluids with another guy have for guys who do it, given the health risks? Perry Halkitis, a researcher from New York, has been studying the barebacking phenomenon since the word started being widely used in the late 1990s."But," he told the 9th CHAPS Conference, "the more I study 'barebacking' the less certain I know what it actually is." This is because gay men use the term in widely different ways. Some use it to mean seeking out condomless sex with casual partners on purpose. Others use it to mean any sexual situation where the sex wasn't safe. And gay men often make a distinction between casual condomless sex and doing it with a boyfriend – with the latter not regarded as barebacking. Halkitis recruited a group of 102 gay guys who self-identified as barebackers and asked them to take part in a questionnaire and a series of discussion sessions and interviews on what the term meant to them. About half the group was positive and half was negative – dispelling a perception that it's largely positive guys who do it bare. They were certainly 'busy boys' sexually, having on average racked up 833 sexual partners over their adult life. The majority were white but 30% were Latino and 10% black.Half of the men had a boyfriend, but the vast majority of those also had casual sex too.

They differed in their interpretation of what barebacking meant. More than half (54%) said you could only call it 'barebacking' where the unprotected sex was intentional – but 20% said accidental unsafe sex or rather just not maintaining condom use every time meant you were a barebacker.

So calling yourself a barebacker depends on the individual or the situation. Too bad these guys chose to play such a potentially deadly game. They truly are busy boys, on average racking up 833 sexual partners in their relatively short life span. Fucking their brains out with no fucking consideration of responsibility really pisses me off. But should any of this surprise us. Hell no.

On a more pleasant note, I just want to wish all of you studs the very best of St. Patrick's Day. I cherish you as my friends. We're all IRISH today, so embrace your bud and enjoy the fun.


Teddy Pig said...

So I guess the question is... How do people that stupid survive into adulthood? By their own interpetation being hit by a train does not count if you did not intend to get hit by a train.

So Fucked Up!

Hey Buff! What size boots you where? I'm having a little Saint Paddies Day sale on the EBAY. Leather stuffs from long ago. 21" Wesco's at least 10 years old are up for grabs.

Tony said...

Always hard to digest the sad truth!

but shifting to brighter things. Happy
St. Patty's Day. Wear that GREEN. And to all, if your out and about, have fun, drink wisely, and play it "safe" by all means.

You have a good one too, Buff!

Andrew said...

Sudden jump in HIV infections over the last year in Melbourne, Australia. At a fairly informal conference, an area was pointed out in a sex on premises venue where postive guys can meet and bare back. Someone interupted and said, no that is where neg guys meet to bareback. Big problem.

Spider said...

I try so hard to understand, and I just can't...

As always great pics Buff...