Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day 2005, a time for remembering as well as for seeking a cure

I get sad each World AIDS Day because so many gay men continue to become exposed to the AIDS virus unnecessarily.

I wish that someday, a cure for AIDS would be developed. Sure, having AIDS is no longer a death sentence, but I hate to see anyone living their lives with a daily pill regiment and always fearing illness. That's why I write these blogs in the hope that prevention will allow less gay men to be exposed while the cure is being developed.

Twenty years ago I spent a week in San Francisco visiting sick patients in the AIDS ward. That week of faces and suffering lives on in my memory. As I recuperate from my surgery, I know that with everyday, I will be getting stronger. But those living with AIDS live their lives with a mixed bag, a future that gives them life, but also uncertainty. My prayers are with all of our gay brothers living with AIDS.


Teddy Pig said...

Actually I live my life in the present and remain as ornery and hard headed as ever.
Remember: Only the good die young, us bad nasty hard drinkin bottoms live on and on and on.

Mr. Pants said...

I am with you on this. If the government actually got off its duff early enough, a lot more of our brothers and sisters would be with us today. I cure might haave been found by now.

I pray for their continued strength to live how they see fit.

HUGS! Hope your recovery is going well.

Tony said...

I had two friends that were dear to me that died of AIDS some15 years ago. I often find myself wondering what life could have been for them had the existence of better medication existed then.

I too hope for the best for our community we step from this moment into the future.

Take care of yourself .

Spider said...

Just lost another friend last week.. thanks for a great post!