Monday, December 12, 2005

What's On Your List to Ask Daddy Santa For This Year?

As you can see, this Daddy Santa helper is not one of the brightest bulbs on the light string set, but he's got his heart in the right place, he's hunky, and is ready to make sure you get from Daddy Santa what you have written on his list.

For me, walking steady with a cane would make me very happy. Also getting my strength back and being able to lift weights and be able to do stomach crunches and pull ups again, would make feel almost like my previous self once more.

You guys have helped me very much so far. I will always remember that.

So don't be shy. Daddy Santa isn't a mind reader. But since I've worked with him in the past, I know that he always makes a supreme effort to reward really good and sexy gay boys and men with pleasures that will be welcomed and enjoyed over and over again. Like big hairy muscle hugs, you can never get enough.


Will said...

Oh, Buff sweetie, I bet he's got a lot more than his heart in he right place!
I'm glad you're getting a lot of support from your boys, and happier still if the pain is going and you're getting more confident moving around. the weights and all will come. Take care of yourself, and warm hugs from chilly Boston.

Teddy Pig said...

Now see Buff, that is a fake Santa Daddy! Santa Daddy has fur, I don't care where exactly but I just know he has some. I also always pictured him with a five-o-clock shadow... Of course that's my probably my own bias there.

I much rather sit in your lap if that's a choice here.

Spider said...

Buff - don't worry about us - I for one would gladly turn whatever Santa Daddy would give me into strength and stamina for you. I know your place in life right now must be driving you crazy - would gladly give my Holiday gifts away to make things change for you.

However, a black leather jock and matching cockring and collar would be greatly appreciated! LOL

Tony said...

Can you tell Santa that all I want for Christmas is not just my two front teeth but rather I nice "bear" fur coat smoothering my entire butt-naked backside from head to toe (if you know what I mean).

While the body may not be ready to match the mind, its good to see that your mental state is roaring up to par. The body will catch up soon. Take care.

Dingolicious said...

Wow hot pics!!

cola boy said...

Santa Daddy can bring me what ever he wnts! As long as he shows up dressed only in that jock and festive hat! Yummy!