Friday, October 28, 2005

Was Mr. Sulu of StarTrek Fame Gay All Along or Was He Just Played That Way?

The actor, George Takei, Mr. Sulu of Star Trek fame has come out as a gay man. Don't know if this is a surprise to anyone.

The 68 year old actor considers himself having been out for quite some time. He and his partner, Brad Altman, have been together 18 years. I wonder if Dr. Spock or Captain Kirk ever suspected this.

Mr. Takei came out to the Associated Press while being interviewed for his onstage role of psychologist Martin Dysart in "Equus" in Los Angeles. This interview corresponded with the gay rag's, Frontiers magazine featuring a storing on Takei coming out.

He had lived in a Japanese-American internment camp in California from age 4 to 8. He had felt, as a young man, shameful ahout both his ethniciity and his sexuality.

So yet another actor who is widely known for a role has come out of the closet. Whether this will continue will be anyone's guess. The more the closet opens, the more we as gay men can live our lives normally and equally. Acts like this show straights that yes, we are everywhere.


AC said...

I never suspected he was a 'mo, but looking at the AP photo of him -- how could I have missed it?

jboutandabout said...

Blimey, didn't realise this was for real. I saw it on a site earlier today and thought it was a joke!