Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So Many Tomatoes, So Little Time

I've been busy with the fall harvest this past weekend. I grew several dozen tomato plants during the year and now with cooler weather approaching, they all seem to be bearing their final tomatoes.

I know, what's a gay guy to do with bushels of tomatoes? I like to mash them to a paste and freeze them for pasta sauce. But what I find most fun is canning a dozen jars and savoring them for some fun later.

You might have heard of that custom in Spain during harvest time, where one town has a tomato blast. People get plastered with tons of tomatoes. It looks like a lot of fun.

So if you are a tomato guy like me, keep some jars handy for some good lickin fun on a dreary winter day. It's like wrestling in the mud but redder. I pour the jars onto a plastic sheet on the floor, preferably in the basement and with some friends, have some good clean fun. It does get messy and very sloppy and slippery, but it sure beats freezing your balls off outside.

Before I close, I want to thank those of you who have posted to my last blog. You guys have really made my day. I appreciate all the comments. I felt guilty not posting much in the past two weeks, but with outside work and taking some time off to help my Mom, I just couldn't get near a computer to write. That's all for now. Big hairy muscle hugs.


Will said...

I usually pull my vines just before the first frost, hang them upside down in the basement and let the tomatoes ripen slowly and naturally.

Sometimes, however, I saute the cut up green tomatoes along with chopped onions, some chopped dry fruit and curry powder in a little butter to make a simple but really nice chutney.

AC said...

I won't have my first ever garden of my own until next year... You make me envious!

We appreciate your entries. Take time off if you need to! No guilt! lol