Monday, August 08, 2005

Hillsborugh County "Pride in Exile "Days cumming to Key West

Key West community Leasders will host a Pride in Exile celebration this cumming weekend to mark their disapproval of the Hissborough County Commissions ban on acknowledging, promoting or participating in gay pride recognition or events.

Because Key West never needs an excuse for celebrating anything, Key West is hold festiviities with include a "Dragged from Tampa" drag show. a march and parade down DuVal street and a gender bending re-enactment of June's Hillsborough commission's meeting in whch the ban was approved.

Several chartered buses will be descending upon Key West from the Tampa Bay area.

Pride in Exile falls more than a month after Key West's own gay pride celebration and organizers say that this event is part protest, part economic boost, since the area has slower summer business this time of year because of hurricane season and the heat factor.

Key West's moto is "One Human Family". So they didn't hesitate a second about hosting this weekend's event.

Greg Needham, an organizer and owner of the local newspaper said, "We wanted people to come down and experience pride in a community where residents and officals fully support it."

The spoof will have a drag queen play Hillsborough Commissioner Ronda Storms, who proposed the gay pride ban. Organizers noted that Storms has a perfect name ofr a drag queen, and they said her character will end up in a swimming pool before the end of the production, an ode to the Alexis Carrington and Kyrstle Carrington drag outs from Dynasty. Should be a laugh riot as well as sending a message to Hillsborough County that such hatred of gay men and lesbians is an embarrassment to them. An Anita Bryant clone we don't need now. And look what happened to her once some angry drag queens got through with her.

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hbjock said...

Dude, I totally ADORE Key West... I love the accepting attitude that they have there, so I'm even more excited to see that they're doing "Pride in Exile Days". I wish I could live there at least as a part-time resident ;).