Thursday, August 18, 2005

On the Road Again: Gay Truckers Sound Off On Life on The Open Road

You may have seen various gay porn flicks over the years featuring studs who ride their rigs and fuck their brains out at the various truck stops in their cabs.

It may seem romantic, sexy, and non stop cruising, but it can be lonely too, according to a recent article in the Washington Blade.

Timothy Anderson, who is President of the GayTruckers Association, says that while he is independent, it came at a price. "Your friend's lives keep going while you're on the road, and (he) became very much isolated within the tgrucking culture to the point where all of (his) friends were truckers." This life is hard on relationships and hard to find a trucker bud, even at the truck stops/rest areas or "pickle parks" as they are affectionately called.

But finding anonymous sex along the open highways is something that almost every gay trucker has experienced. At the rest areas, "the crusiing is quite active and probably more active now than it's ever been. . . It's not talked about and people doen't even like bringing it up." Sort of a "don't ask, don't tell". These guys don't like to broadcast the perks of being a trucker and surely don't want the cops messing up a good thing.

Tim Page, also quoted in the article, cites the popularity of cruising and plugs his web site, and their magazine, Gay Truckers Classifieds.

Tim and Scott Langley started their magazine in the mid-1990s and operated it for the first three months as a general interest magazine for all truckers. But when gay truckers wanted to take out personal ads, both men knew that this would forever be a magazine by and for gay truckers with over 2000 subscribers and a print run of 5000 copies. The gay truckers web site boasts more than 44,000 registered users.

Scott points out that the sexual deviants are in the trucking minority and that most gay truckers are tired of bieng put on a "sexual pedestal". That reflects on gay truckers in a negative way, he further says.

Despite its rugged facade, pointed out in the article, the trucking industry is actually a relatively progressive arena with marginal levels of sexism and homphobia, gay truckers say.

"There's a lot less homophobia in trucking than in a lot of other industries because the job is just so tough that you instantly gain respect from fellow drivers, even it they are straight, just because you are out there.", says Scott. At first, Scott pretended to be Tim's cousin when they hit the road as a team, but admits that sexual orientation is a non-issue for most employers.

In May, Green Bay, WI based trucking company, Schneider National, rolled out a marketing campain to recruit same-sex couples as big rig driving teams. The company also includes sexual orientation in its employment diversity statement.

One of the issues that the industry has failed to address are the numerous gay truckers who are HIV-positive. It would help if management had some understanding of the challenges HIV positive truckers are facing in their daily lives, says Scott Anderson.

So guys, if the open road is calling you, odds are that you can comfortably fit in driving a big rig. There are a lot of gay truckers out there. 10-4 good buddy.


cola boy said...

Funny you should write about this. A friend of mine at work last week stopped at a rest stop just outside of town and met up with this Italian god (at least that's how he described it). It does sound like a lonely life, but I've been tempted to answer one of those ads asking for a "companion" for a long haul.


I could never be a truck driver. Driving more than two hours anywhere with sunshine coming through the windshield gets me sleepy. It would definitely be a HARD job for me! Truckers are hard workers.

TOS said...

Wow who knew the Blade had that kindof reach - I lived only a state away in Virginia and I could never find it - save online ;-)

Not trucking related but I have always wanted to drive across the US and then come back via the TC highway b/c few Americans have prolly done it(just for the sake of doing at least) - must be some truckers along the TC for sure - hot. :-)

Will said...

There used to be a great site called A pair of gay truckers who had a ranch in Idaho (if memory serves) ran it as a forum for gay guys who lived and worked far from urban centers. There were lots of stories of the real lives of gay truckers and fiction based on and expanding the reality.

Unfortunately they took the site down a year or so ago. It had been a good reminder that gay men are everywhere, many of them out in the vast plains states living very different lives from the club and gym set and sometimes quite isolated and needing community.

JBOutAndAbout said...

I'd get extremely tired of other drivers really quickly. Mind you, the idea of driving a huge throbbing unstoppable machine...hmmm, guess it does have its appeal.

Teddy Pig said...

Hey Will!

The stories on are now on Tim's site...

Dusty said...

Well Cola boy, you should drop that guy or others a note and respond to the ones that are looking for a companion or running partner. We are many out here for sure, and yes, it is lonely. All we have is our radio and the other drivers, some of which are total idiots at best. But others, like me are looking for that special someone to work, live and love with. Take care. 800-380-3304

john clay ford said...

while living in michigan, i would travel back to Tennessee 3 to 5 times a year. I would always travel at late nite and early morns. every trip i would try to hook up with truckers, and was usally happy withe the results...truckers are hard working and helpfull men who should get our respect...
every chance that i get, i will help to lessen the load of these find men....i now live in tennessee on I40 at exit 287 and get serveral calls from truckers, past my number along to a buddy 931-372-1622. traveling lighter is great i am told.