Friday, August 12, 2005

Dougall Fraser Makes It All So Easy For All of US To Live Our Lives

I just got done reading the Dougall Fraser autobiography, "But You Knew That Already".
While he didn't grow up in such an insane environment as Augusten Burroughs, he did have more than the average childhood.

His dad was very supportive. His mother fizzled out of him early because of the divorce. His sister was always more than supportive and Dougall has been mystified by psychics for a very long time, though he is only in his early to mid twenties.

Dougall used the psychic world to deal with and understand being gay. It brought him the majority and helped him to use his gift to help others before eventually helping himself become a happy gay man.

Dougall calls himself a life coach. And I wouldn't argue with him. He became a full fledged psychic after leaving home in New Jersey and heading for Dallas, because he was hoping to be a
certified massage therapist. That didn't quite pan out, but his psychic powers did. Soon he was on local Dallas radio and was giving readings to powerful and monied members of Dallas society. Abut soon this wore him down and he decided to return to his home and try to make it in the Big Apple.

He struggled at first, living at his dad's house, but soon things came together. He arrived when he was featured on the John Walsh talk show. Now he is in the big leagues, partnered with his Jewish boyfriend, and on top of the world.

He gives a lot of advice, which I'd like to share with you. "When you are living the laws of attraction, what you want comes to you much more easily." He believes that" the main reason people come for a psychic reading is that they're in pain." His goal is not to give reading after reading, making people dependent on him or his guidance. His goal is to show the person that he/she has the answers. What makes a psychic reading so intense, is that he shows people that he can pick up these things of their lives, the painful issues, without them ever saying a word.

He feels that he can also teach them to see energy that's all around them. He feels that he can only kick start someone's life. It's what you do after the reading, not what is said during one, that is where your true destiny lies.

With that food for thought, just try sitting back, relax, and if you got a problem, explore other ways and not crutches like food, drugs and alcohol to approach it in a way that's best for you. We're here to help. That's what big hairy muscle hugs are for. They work a lot of magic, but only if you believe.

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