Friday, July 08, 2005

This Guy May Have All the Answers You've Been Looking For

Who knew? There is a gay psychic out there and he's HOT.

Dougall Fraser is the new psychic on the block who just happens to be gay.

For starters, he doesn't talk to dead people. That's a load off my mind.

He says that's boring. He's more interested in human dynamics and why we are here on this planet.

He say, "People want the mysteries of the unvierse unlocked instantly." His job, he says, is to ponto out where a guy is missing out in life. Truth being told, if everything were great, he says, why would anyone bother to come see him? Good point.

He stress self-reliance and introspection and he isn't afraid about being open about his sexual orientation.

He got a new book out called, "But You Knew That Already", published by Rodale Press.

The book is not excusively about gay issues, but a large part of it deals with is coming out process and life as a gay man.

He wants to show the public what it's like for a gay man trying to blend being spiritual and bieng human at the same time.

His book is also reported to be uplifting, with its insights into the basic life questions that so many people want answered, all written with a quirky sense of humor.

He says that the books main message is that people need to learn to trust their own hearts when confronting life's daily obsticles.

He seesy gay people as often able to achieve that more easily than straights. But gay or straight, he says the message is the same: "Worry less about trying to look into the future and focus more on applying intuition to get the most out of today." Now that's really heavy and deep.

For whatever it's worth, Dougall might be onto something. If you're looking for a beach read, this just might be what the Gay Sun God ordered. I'm going to order it and give a future review.

For anyone traveling this weekend or going/returning from vacation, wishing you the best of travels. Big hairy muscle hugs to keep you safe and happy.


Atlanta Single Man said...

BuffTuff - I enjoy reading your blog. It is very well written and also very DEEP! Not exactly what I would think from your picture but that just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Keep it up! Great job!


OMG! You are pretty much telling him he looks dumb! ROFL!!! I am sure that is NOT what you meant to say.

Atlanta Single Man said...

ACTUALLY BrettCajun, I am saying this:

"I think the pic is hot as hell and definitely someone I'd LOVE to see at the Leather Bar! However, you don't quite associate people with the leather look as having deep minds or thought-provoking text and information to write about like he does"

BUFFTUFF - It was supposed to be a COMPLIMENT not a insult in any means whatsoever!

I love this blog :-)

Atlanta Single Man said...

OMG - HOLY FUCKIN SHIT - My friend BRETTCAJUN can't let this go - he now tells me in an IM that I am downing people in leather saying "they arent the brightest bulbs in a box"

OK, I am not saying that at all...I am saying DEEP THOUGHTS is not what I think of when I look at someone like that - my first thought is "HELLO DADDY!"



I got on his ass for you Buff! ;)