Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Don't Get Stung By Someone Behind the Bushes or the Stall Who Appears to Be Too Good To Be True

Ah the outdoors. The perfect place for gay sex. It's summer time, guys and the lure of the open sky beckons us to explore some outdoor adventures.

Cardinal rule. Always bring some condoms and never bring your wallet or ID when cruising outdoors. You are taking risks and why you won't pick pocket, others out there aren't as honest as you.

A great place to find out about cruising is the web site that says it all,

There is a unique history about this site. It was born pre-internet by the late Scott O'Hara, the long schlong gay porn god who I had the pleasure of knowing. He was discovered at the Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco and was the subject of many of Mark Chester's photo shoots.

Scott believed in the freedom of gay men to have sex. This was his passion and what I liked about him was that he was a man of action. So he began publishing a newsletter and later a quarterly which was bound like a literary work. This guy was unbelievable.

He wrote some of the articles, but the value of the publication were the listings of cruising areas, baths, you name it, if it had anything to do with sex, it was sure to have a place in Scott's publication.

His directory was the encyclopedia of cruising for gay sex. When he died, someone found that this information could be very valuable. What better medium than the internet. So cruisingforsex was founded and the rest, as they say, is history.

But here is the word of caution. If it is easy for you to find, it is also easy to find by law enforcement. So with the warm weather comes the stings. The police nationwide have been busy this week. They have arrested dozens of guys for solicitation.

What I offer here are some words of advice. You got to scope out your cruising area. Never, never ask for sex, if it comes, it will come. Learn some gestures, signaling, brushing, smiles, etc.
New meat doesn't necessarily mean safe meat. So observe and don't be stupid. I know you may have that raging hardon, but think with your head, and not your other head.

I for one hate tea room sex. So the worst place to get caught is the public restroom at the park or rest stop. Explore the lay of the land. If guys with shorts are riding their trail bikes and cruising, then follow the trail and path and find out where the hot cruising areas are.

Remember, know your surroundings and by all means, Just be careful out there.


hbjock said...

Wow, what a post... I used to love this site too and had no idea of its history! Thanks for the lesson! Personally, I try to avoid bathrooms whenever possible because I don't like to get caught in a closed space with nowhere to go... then again, the parks at night are scary... oh well, so much for public anonymous sex for me!

There is nothing hotter than a hot TOP stud that you can get to know and fuck around with all the time, after all =) Much better than cheap anonymous sex, don't you think? =)


Cruising for sex in Canada would be perfect. I had a buddy take me around Montreal in some cruising woods when I was 23.It was an eye opening experience. That was so cool and intriguing to me back then! That was my first time being a voyeur and I loved it!

Atlanta Single Man said...

I, too, and a frequenter of this site, and I am not ashamed to say that I have done it "in the woods" and it was fun...but my my my, the ITCH afterwards...i mean - uhm, nevermind nothing!

BUFFTUFF - thanks for the interesting back-story. It's VERY neat that you knew the man way back then!

Thanks for the post!

Jim said...

Pragmatic and paternal advice :)

When I lived in Colorado Springs this was favorite activity for young Air Force cadets. Sadly some them weren't too bright -- arrested and subsequently discharged.

Keith said...

Here in my little hamlet of the world (Flint, MI) there are two very well known crusing rest stops for this topic. Recently, (within the last three months) both locations had "stings" where an approximate total of 20 male arrests were made. Some local politicans, professionals, etc. were included in the arrests and it was all over the local news. The tables were turned though for some of the guys once it was discovered that some were "entraped" by law officers at the locations and were not charged. (with the help of the local civil rights group here) Indeed watch out when exercising this activity and thanks Buff for the great history and information on this topic!