Friday, August 24, 2007

Tidbits and Factoids

Here are some interesting items I have collected recently. Let me know what you think.

ITEM: Based on interviews with more than 12,000 gay men and 10,000 lesbians across the country, San Francisco's Community Marketing Inc. claims the survey provides the most comprehensive view yet into psychographic and demographic data on the gay community.

For instance, with regard to family life, the survey found 46 percent of gay men and 65 percent of lesbians are partnered or live with a significant other. While 20 percent of lesbians have children under the age of 18 living at home, only five percent of gay men do.

For gay men, the median household income is $83,000 per year (gay singles, $62,000; gay couples living together, $130,000). For lesbians, the median household income is $80,000 per year (lesbian singles $52,000; lesbian couples living together $96,000).

Regarding media choices, gay and lesbian publications were read most often by both genders, although national "mainstream" publications also fared well. Favorites were The New York Times, Men's Health and GQ among gay men, and People, AARP The Magazine and O The Oprah among lesbians. The top three most watched television networks for both genders were NBC, ABC, and CBS. For gay men, the next three were Fox, Bravo and Logo; for lesbians, Showtime, Fox, and Logo.

Eighty-five percent of gay men and 85 percent of lesbians agreed advertising in gay media favourably influences their purchasing decisions;

Eight-nine percent of gay men and 92 percent of lesbians reported that the way a company treats its gay and lesbian employees impacts their decision to do business with that company, with the majority (52 percent and 59 percent respectively) saying this was strongly positive;

Eighty-eight percent of gay men and 91 percent of lesbians report that their purchasing decisions are favourably influenced by corporate sponsorship of gay events and participation in gay charities.

ITEM: In the current issue of Out magazine, there are 65 individual nipples featured in articles and in ads, including Marky Mark's 3 nips.
ITEM: According to a press release from Equality Forum, 463 of the 2007 Fortune 500 companies voluntarily include sexual orientation in their employment nondiscrimination policies.There is currently no federal workplace protection based on sexual orientation, and only 20 states include sexual orientation nondiscrimination in their workplace statutes.
ITEM: Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy are coming out of the closet in a highly anticipated autobiography soon to be released. It may not come as a big surprise to most people that the two performers are gay but it will be the first time they admit to this officially.According to details from the upcoming book leaked to the National Enquirer, Siegfried and Roy were once very much in love but have since transformed their relationship into a working partnership and a deep friendship. (Oh brother, do they have to state the obvious?)
Hoping all of my body bonding buds in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying these last weeks of the summer season. I know you studs are making the most of it. Hey, if you're heading to the beach, help out a fellow hottie who needs some assistance spreading some sun block on his back. I'm sure that helping hand will not go unrewarded. You'll be making a lasting friend. That's what buddy body bonding is all about.
You guys in the Southern Hemisphere, I know it will be spring there soon. And I know you dudes are ready for some springtime buddy body bonding as well. WOOF.


Ed said...

I need to find a beach hunk who will let me rub sunblocker on his body. A guy who will take me to his place and plant his seed deep inside me. Even in the winter I could use a good internal lubing.

psyther said...

I want a job where I can sit and count exposed nipples in a magazine...

Robguy said...

spring is in the air but it isn't warm enuf for sunning yet. i have a vitamin d deficiency so i'm not sure it's a good idea for me to use sunblock.

kevin said...

Extremely interesting statistics. This is of course based purely on US data. I am quite shocked to see that the gap between mens and womens pay is so high over there.

As for here in NZ, i feel the results may be similar. Thankfully we have the protection of sexual orientation being unlawful here. Of course though in practice employers and landlords can find other reasons to get around this issue.

Unfortunately we are not as advanced as Canada with your gay marriage rights (we envy and so respect you Canadians for allowing this basic civil right) but we have a civil union law. It allows either gay or heterosexual partners to civil union. This came about due to our equal rights policies whereby we cannot restrict civil unions to just one group of people (but interestingly we can through marraige....go figure!)

Kev in NZ

Sh@ney said...

Sounds as though it is fairly accurate...I am concluding from my own thoughts on the subject matter...Although I must say I would be one of the lowest paid gay men in the country..hehe My own choosing of course! I decided to work less & live more for the time being.. Anyhoo...hope your doing well & having fun in what you are doing...hugs xoxo

Leonard said...

um, I really need to meet new lesbians because the ones I know make NOWHERE near that much money? Was this poll done on only lipstick college degree lesbians? 'cause I know there are a lot of country lesbos out there working on cars and being bouncers at country bars! ;-) peace

JB said...

Mmmm. Francesco DiMacho. I love his chest.

As for the actual stats...not sure about percentages of couples. Out of the recent BBQ I went to, there would be 4 couples in 14 people, so that's more than 50%. Not sure how representative that is though.

Household income is difficult to convert with regards to differences in standards of living here in the UK, how far money goes etc. but we're at about $125,000 I think.

Media choices...don't really read anything much regularly. Men's Health, the Financial Times, New Scientist...that's about it with regards to magazines. TV varies all over the place. I tend not to watch it much, boyfriend tends to whack it on but not really watch it much.

I don't find advertising makes any particular difference to my buying decisions. It's long been noted that I have little time for frippery and want practical things that last, so adverts for crap don't settle well with me.

Haven't really seen any issues with company treatment of gays either way to influence anything.

Don't pay too much attention to corporate sponsorship. In fact I find it irritatingly intrusive most of the time.

And as for the summer...well, I caught the sun a fair bit. Boyfriend is jealous of my tight defined hairy calf muscles.

Lemuel said...

Very interesting stats

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timldn said...

I want to find the beach where fransesco foes so that I can rub sunblock into those near perfect lats.......