Friday, August 31, 2007

Example Of Hypocrisy At Its Finest-"I'm Not Gay" or "I Am Not A Crook". What Bold Face Lying Politicians Are Saying.

Events of this past week only prove to me how important it is for gay men to be proud of engaging in healthy buddy body bonding, and pity poor trolls like Larry Craig, who are compulsive sexoholics, love bathroom sex and can't accept being gay.
The following is an excerpt from a Washington Post article this past week about bathroom stall cruising. I was floored when I first read it. What every gay guy and the general public more than need to know about anonymous sex. Check it out for yourself.
In this article, the authors are very thorough in their research. An early reference to foot-tapping is made in the 1975 book "The Tea Room Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places," by Laud Humphreys, a sociologist. It is based on Humphreys's 1960s study of public sex.
"In tea rooms where there were doors on the stalls, I have observed the use of foot-tapping as a means of communication," Humphreys wrote. He added that "doors on stalls serve as hindrances rather than aids to homoerotic activity."

Consider the bathroom stall, that utilitarian public enclosure of cold steel and drab hue. And then you can imagine the following.

"If you are in the stall, you tap your foot, and if the person next to you taps a foot, you keep going back and forth until one person makes a move," he says. "Someone will then stick their hand underneath. Or they will pass a note on paper. Or, what I've heard is, when they think it's safe," they will move on to sexual contact in the space beneath the partition.
"Some people are absolutely blatant" about showing arousal in public bathrooms, he said. "I've seen this in malls and witnessed that myself."
The reaction? "That depends," he said. "For people who are not of that same persuasion, they yell and call names. I've seen people escorted out by security, and I've witnessed people gesturing back, reaching over and grabbing them. That's when you roll your eyes and walk out."
This behavior violates the "unwritten code of conduct that men observe in bathrooms," said John Davidson, legal director at Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
Well bathroom sex, has never, ever turned me on. When I enter a public men's or gent's room, I'm there to take a piss and wash my hands, never more than that. Besides the risk, it fucking demeaning.
I would never deny a guy's pleasure of cruising openly. It happens all the time. But as I have written in previous posts over the years, any one doing it is taking some big risks.
I don't feel a bit sorry for the old fart. He hates us, as gay men, and has voted many times for legislation which denies us our right to marry and live without fear or retribution. The reason he hates us, is that he hates himself. He has created this great fuckin lie, and he despises us for the freedoms we both enjoy and seek.
That said, I want to wish you hot studs a great weekend. And a special mega hairy muscle salute to working men everywhere. WOOOF.


Lewis said...

Down boy, sexy hairy woofer. Check out the "Update" on my latest post for a little laugh. Whew. I'm safe.

BIGMallrat said...

Craig's behavior is indicative of straight men who seek gay sex, not gay men who seek gay sex. It's a different category of people. We should never confuse the two groups. It also goes to show you that no one should publicly marginalize a group of people. It comes back to bite you, as it did with Craig. The sheer repugnancy of someone who enjoys gay sex, yet publicly denounces it is very outrageous! I always say Republicans obsess over gay men. Now I see why!
What surprises me is that this bathroom behavior is common, yet I've never experienced it. How could I be so blind to it in the gay community? Maybe I should be hanging out in places that straight men congregate.

Leonard said...

I don't think I've ever been cruised in a restroom, I mean...I don't really think about sex when I'm taking a piss in a public restroom. Public bathroom sex wouldn't be for me...I mean where do you cuddle when you're done?!! ;-)

Sh@ney said...

I have to agree. I think toilet sex is by far the most disgusting & offensive behaviour around. I am with anyone else who is put off by this, it shouldn't be done & shouldn't be tolerated & I am glad the public don't sit back & let it go on. Public amenities have been closed down here in parts of Brisbane because of this lewd behaviour. It is not fair to those who actually need to use the bathroom & are forced to go elsewhere because some filthy crooner can't just have a wank at home or find some other way of meeting for sex. I would even yell abuse if someone tried to approach me!

TOS said...

I don't know if he reminded people of an old trend but I got cruised hardcore at a urinal for the first time ever over the weekend. It really freaked me out since I am very pee shy to begin with. I tried to laugh it off but when he told me that he was impressed with my "uncut-ness" I knew he was actually perving on me... I am glad he liked the view but dude, some manners for personal space please!


kevin said...

US politicians are strange creatures i think (a prime example being Bush)

I think the risks of public sex are pretty high especially if you are in public life. If you get caught which inevitably would happen then it was just a matter of time.

Good luck to people who enjoy 'toilet cruising' To have the balls to do it is quite enviable. They should just be careful.

Kev in NZ

JB said...

It'd turn me on...provided it was in the right context. If it was in one of dem places where guys go and shag each other silly (e.g. stuff like that Hard On or whatever it is in London), then fair enough. Anywhere else is a no-no. I wouldn't want that going on while I was out shopping or something - eww.

meandering said...

This is one of those things where I just laughed my ass off at the insanity. The whole "I'm not gay" speech was amazing. Dumb shit. Everyone knows you don't have to be gay to enjoy a good blowjob. Howard Stern established that before Bill Clinton got caught with an intern. It serves him right to get busted for being a dumbshit doing it in a public place, serves him right if he gets put on a sex offenders list as well. Teach him a little humility and compassion in the process.
Probably not, but I am forever optomistic