Friday, August 18, 2006

Oddities in the NewsThis Week, with a gay slant

Here's one from New Zealand. Might this be a trend?

Aucklands iconic K Road gay club, G.A.Y. is old hat and will be re-branded as Supermarket, says Miss Ribena, entertainment coordinator for the adjacent Family Bar.

In part, the change is to distinguish the club from Family Bar upstairs, which is hands in the air camp, loud, cheesy, with drag shows and karaoke, says Ribena, and partly to ditch the old hat stereotypical G.A.Y. logo, which has been a gay club in London for, like 100 years.

Some people refuse to go to G.A.Y. because of its name, says Ribena, and the music is often the same downstairs as it is upstairs [in Family].

Supermarket will attract the shirts-off Les Mills muscle boy set, wholike to look at themselves in the mirror, she adds.

The change will come into effect this coming Saturday.

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I guess all muscle boys, the world over, love to look at themselves. Such is gay life.

Now for me, enjoying life is getting my mouth to savor the juices of a firm, ripe, tomato.


The_Gay_Dude said...

Unrelated, Buff :)
I've enjoyed your blog and the time we've shared getting to know one another. I'm slowly making my rounds with all the peeps I've connected with to thank them. I don't think I'll ever be blogging again....and am not sure if I'll get around to visiting people....anytime soon :)

Thanks for everything!


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