Friday, June 06, 2008


My annual listing of Gay Pride Events locally and regionally. I can't vouch for its accuracy.

United States of America - 2008 Interpride Partial List: Upcoming EventsLocationDate

Tulsa, OK5/31/2008
New Brunswick, New Jersey6/1/2008
Charleston, WV6/1/2008
Detroit, MI6/1/2008
Jackson Heights (Queens), New York6/1/2008
Boston, MA6/6/2008Los Angeles, CA6/6/2008
Milwaukee, WI6/6/2008Wantagh, NY6/7/2008Springfield, MA6/7/2008Syracuse, New York6/7/2008Hartford, CT6/7/2008Fresno, CA6/7/2008Boston , MA6/7/2008
Athens, 6/7/
Philadelphia, PA6/8/2008Huntington Village, Long Island, NY6/8/2008Los Angeles, CA6/8/2008
Albuquerque, NM6/13/2008Spokane Valley, WA6/13/2008Edmonton, Alberta6/13/2008Brooklyn, NY6/14/2008Indianapolis, IN6/14/2008Memphis, TN6/14/2008Spokane, WA6/14/2008Cincinnati, Ohio6/14/2008Des Moines, Iowa6/14/2008
Durham Region, ON6/14/2008San Antonio, TX6/14/2008Indianapolis, IN6/14/2008Cincinnati, Ohio6/15/2008Cincinnati, Ohio6/15/2008Boston , MA6/15/2008Boston , MA6/15/2008Ft Lauderdale, FL6/16/2008Oslo, 6/20/2008Flagstaff, AZ6/20/2008Toronto, Ontario6/20/2008Louisville, KY6/20/2008Omaha, NE6/20/2008Santa Fe, NM6/20/2008Minneapolis, MN6/20/2008Minneapolis, MN6/21/2008Oldenburg, 6/21/2008Olympia, WA6/21/2008Pittsburgh, PA6/21/2008Grand Rapids, MI6/21/2008Providence, RI6/21/2008Conway, ARKANSAS6/22/2008New York, New York6/22/2008
Minneapolis, MN6/22/2008Lansing, Michigan6/27/2008Vancouver, British Columbia6/28/2008St. Petersburg, FL6/28/2008San Francisco, California6/28/2008Erie, PA6/28/2008Vancouver, British Columbia6/28/2008
Houston, TX6/28/2008St. Louis, MO6/28/2008Tiel, 6/29/2008Chicago, IL6/29/2008Colombo, 6/29/2008Erie, PA6/29/2008Prince George, BC7/4/2008Atlanta, GA7/4/2008Prince George, BC7/5/2008Prince George, BC7/5/2008Marseille, 7/5/2008Aberdeen, 7/5/2008
More: This is a partial listing.There are more events that are not on this list.

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Lewis said...

Hey Woofy Dude,
I just saw a similar (or SIMULAR as George W. would say) list in The Advocate this last's definitely time to PUT YOUR PRIDE ON (or take it off, either way!)