Friday, February 08, 2008

Some Last Minute Valentine's Day Suggestions To Surprise Your Snuggly Honey Buns

Thought I'd share with you some fun ways for you and your sweetie to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. For those of you who have been reading my blog posts over the years, I am, I admit, a romantic at heart.
So that's why I love to celebrate Valentine's Day. It is the one day that you can show a loved one that you think of him in that special way.
So indulge yourself, make rich, chocolate a part of the celebration.
Here I have shared with you two items that I have found over the internet.
I'm not endorsing a product or vendor, just suggesting some ideas.
Chocolate body paint seems to be a very hot item this year.
So why not try it on yourself and your man. I really think a lot of tongue licking fun can be share between you.
And don't forget the whipped cream and cordial cherry on top for the crowning touch.
All of this foreplay will lead to some climatic bursts of creamy enjoyment. And don't worry about the calories, guys. All of that energy expended into the creamy passionate spooning and licking will more than offset any calorie intake. That I can promise. Cross my heart.
I can bet on that. I wish all of you sweet pleasures and Mega Hairy Muscle Hugs of Valentine Day love.
There's a fuzzy cupid out there just ready to point his long firm arrow that's shielded with a chocolate favored condom into your love cave. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Lewis said...

Dear Hopeless Handsome Romantic,
Appreciate your thoughts. I need a little naughtiness and romanticism back in my life. Thanks!
One of your Nekkid (non bear) devoted fans.

JB said...

And remember, chocolate's not just for Valentine's Day - it's for life!


Greg Fox said...


Happy V-Day in advance! (And thanks so much for your sweet e-mail!).

As far as Valentine's Day, love your suggestion, but as I opt for something a little more "Health Food Store"-ish, how about organic yogurt and fresh, organic strawberries, to spread all over your partner? Mmm-mmm, how sweet it is!!!

TOS said...

Can't say I am into the mix of food and sex... I prefer my mansweat unadulterated ;-) I have painted white stripes on him and me though ;-)

Happy Valentine's Day!