Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanks for Defending Our Freedoms

A very happy and safe Veterans Day to all my woofy buds.
Mega hairy muscle hugs of support to our gay military who gallantly defend our freedom to live in peace in the world, for our right to live openly, and who inspire us to love who we want, unconditionally.


TOS said...

Happy Veteran's Day and Happy Birthday Buff! Now drop trow and take more pictures!

Greg Fox said...

Hi, Buff... I didn't realize it was your birthday til I saw the post above. So, Happy Birthday, and thanks for bringing us your good woofy cheer all year long!

I echo your sentiments, too, about Veteran's Day. I salute all who have served us so nobly.

(Thanks for the recent comments on my blog... yeah, I suppose I can work that rock n' roll leather thing when the mood strikes me!).

Finally, got to see your photo set at Flickr. Awesome! My favorite, of course... the one of you standing by the blinds, (you know the one I mean! LOL).

Thanks for all you do,


Lewis said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY woofy dude. Hope it's a good one. I'll defend anything you want me too.....

Chris said...

I am a bit late but, Happy Birthday anyway.

Thanks again for your blog.
Its always a delight.


Booted Harleydude said...

Woofity-woof woof, and I get to LIVE with this man!

Booted Harleydude, partner for life and in love, always.