Friday, November 16, 2007

2008 Hunky Hot Stud Calendars, A Brief Exposure

Howdy guys. I thought I post some recommendations for a select group of woofy 2008 calendars that might make great stocking stuffers.
I have fun each year selecting from a bunch of sexy calendars for this annual blog post.
Please recommend any hunky stud calendars that I may have missed.
WOOF. These guys would make for a great afternoon or nighttime snuggle time of heavy buddy body bonding.
Mega hairy muscle hugs to all you hunky studs. Hell, maybe next year we could put together a calendar of you guys. Anyone for Mr. November?


Leonard said...

I'll take one of each! Starting with the hunk in the Red Hat!! ;-)

Chris said...

Hey Buff,

Maybe next year you can do you own calendar. All those jockstrap shot of you are gorgeous.

Happy Thanksgiving.


dwight said...

Oh man, a year's worth of hot, hairy, boner-inducing men. Why can't calendar art imitate every day life!? :)

Father Tony said...

I can personally endorse the Bear Men calendar. It contains at least 3 "months" that I see frequently and know casually. They are even hotter in person.