Friday, October 12, 2007

BEARFORCE1, Hot, Fuzzy Men With a Magnetism and Sound That's Much More Than Eye Candy. WOOOOOOF

Peter is the hottie above, at the left.

Top, right, a group shot of all the hot fuzzy dudes.
Maybe these are the guys I have had in mind to show the gay male world how to be hot and sexy and safe.
These guys together would make an awesome manwich. Talk about the ultimate buddy body bonding, all of us joining them in a Guinness Book of World's Records mega hairy muscle hug. WOOF.



Robguy said...

They frighten me.

raindog469 said...

I think the only thing they're going to show the gay world is that you can find success in acting like an unbelievably effeminate and stereotypical club kid despite an older, masculine body.

Major hard-off, and I can only hope it's not the beginning of a trend.

Deusex said...

I think they're pretty hot and although it's very camp it looks like they're having a great time. I commend them! Better than working in a suit in an office 9 to 5 and hating your job.

JB said...

They do seem a bit too camp really.

Leonard said...


cola boy said...

Fuzzy and yummy!

And love the new pic of you in the hat and thong, stud. WOOF!

Dwight said...

That "mega hairy muscle hug" sounds mega hot!

Tony said...'s all about fun Buff. I think a couple of them are kinda yummy too, as ColaBoy says. Hope you have been well. haven't been by in a while...for that matter, don't seem to be writing in my own blog all that much. Love that upper left corner pic of you....WOOF!

BIGMallrat said...

Is it for-real? I thought it was 1984 and they were dancing to a K-TEL melody. Whew!

1dude said...

My country fellow men. Hope you guys don't think we're all corny like this overhere. I love the fun part of this. Brings back that 70's feeling when everything was good and innocent..anyway BEARPRIDE BEARPOWER:P

ps. everyone knows Yuri all of a sudden in my circel of friends, hmm..comes with the fame I guess.