Friday, September 07, 2007 Gets Its Best Exposure Ever

When it rain, it pours. And for the web site,, the whole Larry Craig thing has given it new exposure. Read it for yourself.

But thanks to (which boasts some 30,000 visitors daily, its operators say) and its competitors, such information is easily accessible around the country—and the world. And the information is precise; some listings direct readers to visit a location between, say 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. How convenient.

Here are more exerpts from the article:

Has put a dent in's business? Do chatrooms pose a threat?

Craigslist certainly has changed the field. A lot of strictly younger people tend to turn first to hookups online. But my impression—based on what I am personally experiencing, not any research I’ve done—[is] that people may be tiring of the hookups online and wanting to get back into the real world. There’s some benefits to both ways of meeting. Certainly craigslist, which by the way is often used to hook up in public locations, certainly has taken a lot of men who now meet online and go to each others’ house.

With all the information on and on craigslist, do you feel that law enforcement is more aware now? Or are they less likely to crack down than they were 10 years ago?

In all of our years of doing this, there has always been a constant crackdown and a constant drumbeat of harassment. What Senator Craig has experienced is not unfamiliar to a lot of sexually active men out there.

But, whatever your orientation, is engaging in sexual activity in public okay?Most cruisers don’t want to engage in sex in public. They want to meet someone in a public space and then try to be discreet—maybe in a stall or a cubicle or maybe behind a bush.

As you know from my previous post, I am not sympathetic at all to Larry Craig. And even if he fights to retain his seat, he is facing an uphill battle. Gay groups are out to squeeze his nuts and the right wing has already gotten a noose ready for the lynching.

Hot topics such as this keep the blogging world with enough topical subject matter to write about for days. I would really like that this publicity move to the more important topic of safer sex between two consenting gay men. What we need are more play spaces around the U.S, where guys can meet and not have to take unnecessary risks of public sex. Sure, all of us love hot protected sex, but I feel that "spur of the moment" sex is probably a lot more risky than motivated, intential, pure buddy body bonding. Right here, right now sex, public cruising sex, may be exciting, but it doesn't have lasting benefits. It is just a fix, and sometimes a risky one, at that.


Robguy said...

I really don't get the anonymous public sex thing. Maybe I'm a prude, maybe I'm paranoid.

And a stall, cubicle or bush doesn't count as a private area.

raindog469 said...

I'd have a tough time justifying the health risk of what they now call "public sex" at age 38, but at age 22 or 23.... man, some of my best and most enduring memories come from bookstores and the back rooms of bars. (But we didn't have the web to tell us where they were, just word of mouth. It was a lot easier to keep those places from police harassment when you only revealed them to people you've actually had sex with.)

As for Craig, well, closeted people put themselves at risk in more ways than just health in their pursuit of those feelings they claim they don't have. It's hard for me to feel any sympathy when he was voting all these years to the detriment of people like me... and himself.

At least now he's out. Whether he chooses to live a full life without the pressure to lie, or pulls a Bush and claims the good lord saved him and he's all "better" now, it's up to him. But either way, he can't really hide anymore.

JB said...

Difficult. I kinda like the idea of exhibitionism when I'm drifting along in fantasy-land, but at the end of the day it's not nice for others to have it shoved in their faces if they don't want to see it.

raindog469 said...

Well, that's why you'd presumably do it in the stall... so that if anyone wants to see it, they'll have to look over or under the door.

Friends of mine who used to frequent tearooms would bring big Macy's shopping bags so that they or their tricks could stand in them while being orally serviced, allowing a casual observer to see only one set of feet and a shopping bag.

Most gay men engaging in allegedly "public sex" really aren't exhibitionists at all, and calling it "public" is just a rhetorical strategy to stir up the "think of the children" crowd.

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