Friday, July 21, 2006

A Tongue,Some shaved ice and Plenty of Blue Raspberry Syrup makes for some Good Old Fashioned Summertime Fun

It is hot, sweaty, and sticky out there. But I have a recipe for cooling down and having some fun, all at the same time.

Get yourself a manual ice crusher/sno-cone maker at Kmart or Target. Stock the freezer with plenty of ice. Also stock up on your favorite sno-cone syrups.

I enjoy cranking and hearing the ice crackle and grind as I crush it. It's fun when some pieces of ice somehow escape from the container as I am turning the crank.

Have some guys over for this. Have them strip down to their jocks and gather them around the kitchen table or island. Thats when the fun begins.

Have enough paper cones for everyone. Extra cones can make great cock top caps.

Then accidently as you are making one of the cones, let some shaved chips spill onto one of the guys chests. That's when the tongue plays an important part of the process.

While the other guys get what's going on, have bottles of the syrup readily available for splashing over the individual cups filled with shaved ice. Before you know it, everyone is exploring their tongues on the mounds of shaved ice somehow finding its way on the fuzzy chests and pecs of your guests. Whatever happens next, please don't hold me responsible for. But whatever happens, you've been forewarned.

If any of you have any other fun ideas for keeping cool, please share. In the meantime, big hot hairy muscle hugs to each and every one of you. I enjoy sharing my passions and kinks with you. You being there means a whole lot to me.

P.S. The patio tomato plants that I grew from seeds are producing a lot of tomatoes now. They haven't ripened yet, but with these sunny, hot days, that won't take long. Soon they will be ripe for having some fun with.


Jon Cox said...

One Sexy Post!!! :o)
I love the picture as well! GREAT post!!!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog & for congradulating me as well, I appreciate it A LOT! :o)
Big smooth muscle hugz! ;o)

JB said...


That is one luscious pic! Is that you? Nice!

A work colleage had a formula for coolness in bed which was:

1) Fill hot water bottle with cold water
2) Put hot water bottle in freezer for 1 hour
3) Put hot water bottle under pillow
4) Rotate pillow repeatedly over some 10 minutes or so
5) Sleep

Unfortunately my hot water bottle has a leak so I had to throw it out, hence I can't speak for its effectiveness.

Apparently sticking a bucket of freezing water in front of a fan is good, but none of this is much "fun"

Sticking ice cubes down your other half's back is one way to get into serious trouble, in my experience...



... SO SEXY POST !!!!



Robguy said...

I think I would go with various flavors for margaritas over the shaved ice ;)

JR said...

Nice plan. Very appealing...

..:: YNAGER ' 65 ::.. said...

very nice! Congrats on making hot blogger of the week on Best Gay Blogs!!!

TOS said...

I love shaved ice - though I never tried that little twist!

Random trivia - shaved ice in Japanese is kakigori... they really do it up over there. Of course what is weird is that they put condensed sweetened milk on it too - which I always found a little gross... It always looks like someone had shot a load of... oh well you get the point!

You should invite some men over and have a slip and slide - just get a tarp and a sprinkler and slide away... for fun you could oil up a little then slide! When we were kids sometimes we'd hold hands (yes even back then I was holding a boy's hand... LOL) and then run and slide together... this could be a new twist too!

have fun and stay cool!

cola boy said...

A great way to stay cool and get hot & bothered!

Tony said...

Now that is right up there with having a banana split served on your ass crack. MMM! mmm! good. Might have to have my special someone try that on me.