Friday, January 18, 2008

Stay Clean by Playing Clean

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Making This New Year The Best Ever

Howdy guys and a super Happy New Year to Each and Every One of you.

Hoping your New Year so far has been fantastic and fulfilling. WOOOF.

To start off the New Year, it's time for a Top 10 list.

David Goulart of the Edge New England shares his thoughts on the Top Ten Gay Myths.


From Edge New England TOP 10 GAY MYTHSby David Goulart
Sunday Jan 6, 2008

1. The myth of gay recruitment. I can and did find a spouse from the existing pool of gay people the Creator created. I am not out to convert you or your kids. Don't want to. Don't need to. God gave me plenty of people to choose from. I chose one already.

Yes, God gave us gaydar. We need to practice using it more. Use it or lose it, as the saying goes.

2. Being gay is about more than sex. My gayness is based in love, notsex. I have an emotional, intimate connection with my spouse. Sure, we have sex, but it doesn't define us as a couple, or as people. I admire him for his kindness, his honesty, his commitment to his family, his intelligence, and dedication to OUR family to name just a few.

But when it cums to sex, what glorious, safer sex levels of enjoyment and intimacy it can be.

3. Pedophiles come in all forms. There are "bad gay people" just as there are "bad straight people." We've got some pedophiles among our group; so do you - you actually have MORE. Can we agree to focus on fighting pedophilia? Gay, straight. Doesn't matter. Pedophiles are bad for kids.

Amen. Pedophiles need help to control their disease.

4. The gay community is diverse. We are not all men in leather thongs with feather boas dancing on top of Gay Pride Parade floats. We're not all male, all white, all rich or all anything else.

We are the rainbow, we are the world. So straights, get used to it. By the way, WOOOF, keep the leather thong and studed jockstrap, drop the feather boas.

5. Some of us believe in God. If James Lipton of the Actor's Studio ever has occasion to interview me, I have a ready-made answer to one of his standard questions. When I arrive at Heaven's Pearly Gates, the first thing I hope to hear God say is: "Yes, David, you have a reservation -but I'm afraid I don't see Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell on the list."The God I believe in is loving, libratory and downright radical. (and I know wishing hell on anyone isn't exactly a demonstration of loving).

Couldn't agree more.

6. I already can get married in a church. Some Christian denominations allow for this. Others don't. I'm not asking your church to bless me and my spouse. When it comes to "gay marriage," all we're after is the civil stuff. You know, things like having the rights of a spouse when my partner's dying in the hospital. Being able provide for my partner should I pass away and not worry about a distant relative taking thehouse and more. Those sorts of things.

One day, we all shall the right to marry the loves of our lives in any type of ceremony, civil, religious, or otherwise.

7. Slurs go both ways (pun intended.) The gay community has names foryou, too. I won't call you a "breeder," if you don't call me a "sodomite" or "faggot."

Using Queer to self define us is an acceptable all encompassing term. Daddies, bears, fuzzies, woof, and other expressions are terms of endearment.

8. Rainbows belong to us. Please quit putting rainbow stickers on yourcars. Please quit hanging rainbow flower leis on your rear view mirrors.Contrary to popular belief, not all of us are equipped with 100-percent accurate gaydar, and if you have rainbows all over your person or property, we may well assume you are a "member of the family."

Like lojack, there should be a better way to spot gay hunks on the open highway, aside from the blue and gold equal sign bumper stickers.

9. We have the same problems you do. We worry about making a living, putting food on the table, paying the bills, staying healthy, getting ahead just like you do. Just because many of us walk around with a huge smile and seem to be optimistic doesn't mean we are not worried on the inside. It does not mean life is a basket of daisies, we just choose to keep our problems private.

So true, so true. And that's why I hope our votes will count this year. After all, "it's the economy, stupid!!!!", as we seek changes in our country from our Presidential aspirants.

10. We notice your inconsistencies. If you really, really don't like gay people and think gay sex is disgusting, quit buying porn with women having sex with women. (That's gay sex. In some cases, it's bisexual sex, if a real - not plastic - penis is involved.) Americans spend a billion dollars a year on porn; it's been a long time since someone produced a "straight" porn film that didn't have two women going at it.If you quit buying this stuff, maybe the porn industry would fold -something that, I think, might benefit women across all orientations.

Safer Gay sex is fuckin awesome. Definitely worth repeating.

I'd like to add some of my own observations as well as add some others to the list.

11. Only bottom boys have bubble butts. NOT!!! I can show you plenty of top guys with hot buns. Too bad they are only for looking and not fucking. I guess all of that ramming action keeps top guy's butts from sagging.

12. Safer sex is boring. NOT!!!! Fucking with a condom and incorporating foreplay in the sexplay is the hottest form of m2m sex around. Something that I hope more guys resolve to enjoy in the New Year.

Well, there you have it. Feel free to express your own observations.

Mega hairy muscle hugs everyday to make this world a better place to live.