Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Rough and Rumble. Rolling Thunder XVIII

Well guys, I really hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend.

As planned, I attended Rolling Thunder in Washington DC on Sunday.

The day started out beautiful with a slight breeze, perfect motorcycle weather.

I hooked up with a best bud and we decided to ride from a suburban point in an organized ride to the staging area at the Pentagon parking lot. So we rode to a Maryland Harley Davidson dealer, got there around eight am with a thousand other bikes.

Riding in an police escorted organized group is cool. That allows the riders to have full access through intersections. We rode down Interstate 270 to the George Washington Memorial Parkway, a sea of bikers, mostly Harleys and there were hundreds along the roadway and on the overpasses waving flags and cheering. It was a very cool and moving feeling.

I've been doing these since 1993 and I've been to seven overall. The escorted ride was the best ever, but I was in for a big letdown once the group entered the Pentagon staging area.

I haven't been there since 2002, and what a shock I had once we entered the area. There are so many bridges and guard posts, 4 I counted on one of the Pentagon's side alone. They were built of course, to combat terrorism. But they took about one fifth of the Pentagon's former surface parking space. They cut off biker from each other and I was left staring at a wall for almost 4 hours.

In other years, we got down there after 11 am and waited 3 hours. This time we started out an hour earlier and didn't leave the staging area until almost 3 pm. Almost 5 hours just waiting to ride the two mile route. I guess the next time, but not next year, I will be riding with my bud and together we will ride ourselves down to the Pentagon lot. I don't plan on riding next year.
However the waiting wasn't in vain. Some shirtless beef was visable. I was shirtless until we started to ride because it had cooled down. Also a lot of nice bikes. Some had copper brush details, others just nice big Harleys like my Dyna Low Rider. It was cool seeing all the different Harleys.

However once we started to roll out of the lot, by that time, the crowds had dispersed and theree was only a few hardy onlookers as we crossed the Memorial Bridge , road behind the Lincoln Memorial ( if you plan on visiting Arlington Cemetary and the Lincoln Memorial, avoid driving this by car, there is plenty of construction in the area, you'd make better time walking or taking the tour bus), and before we swung onto Constitution Ave.a Marine who I later learned was U.S. Marine Staff Sgt Tim Chambers of Twenty Palms, CA saluted all 40 thousand bikers. Then we rode past the Vietnam Memorial Wall and continued riding the length of Constitution Ave which had been blocked off for the bikers to ride parade style. Now that was really cool. I got to see the Washington Monument and from a distance, the back of the White House.

Having said that, how was your Memorial Day weekend? I hope you had a chance to honor the dead as well as reflecting on how we as gay men have much left to do in fighting for our own rights.

I found out that Michael Egdes was crowned Mr. International Male Leather 2005. From a few blogs I have read, IML was as hot as ever. So maybe next year I can head out there, or if there's some butt room, squeeze in with Will and the other hot sauna men.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Light My Fire. Favorite Ways to Spend and Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend

I look forward to the Memorial Day weekend because it officially starts the summer season.

Most places in the US and Canada are still chilly this time of year. But how many of us want to go to the beach in places like Delaware and P-Town? BURRRH. Pensacola Beach in Florida is the exception. I had some nice Memorial Days there, with or without the Circuit Party.

The past several years, I have participated in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. A sea of thousands of guys ride their Harleys and Honda Goldwings to this annual event. What disappoints me, however, is how invisible gay men are, when they attend the ride. Most gay men who belong to motorcycle clubs tend to stay away, attend gay club runs elsewhere, or just stay invisible.

I love to ride my bike shirtless as you well know. So maybe this year, more gay guys will be there. If you like to ride, consider this ride on Sunday. Ride shirtless with a big grin on your face. That's how you'll find me, goosebumps and all.

Just getting outside and enjoying the weekend helps me unleash the cool weather blues built up over the winter and spring. It's a time for renewal, for reflection, for being one with nature, whether you garden, pour concrete, play in the mud, whatever.

How do you guys spend the weekend? More laid back or plunging in? Feel free to share your plans.

Whatever you do, have a safe and enjoyable weekend. You guys rock. Big hairy muscle hugs of brotherhood and friendship. Just remember the spirit of the day, honoring our dead brothers who fought and died for us, never being able to fight openly as gay men.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Fall 2005 TV Season. Potential Bombs and Breakout Shows

Yes, as May sweeps wind up tonight, the TV networks have announced their new Fall 2005 TV schedules.

There were some surprises. For instance FOX announced that it was bringing back the darling of the critics, "Arrested Development" for a third season, this time, Monday nights, 8 pm ET. IT also is offering some new shows. One in particular that sounds interesting is Bones, a drkly humouous hour show about a forensic anthropologist with Emily Deschanel and the Angel hunk, David Boreanaz. Another potential bomb or hit is "the Gate", set in San Francisco. Always like TV shows which feature the Bay area. Very pleasant on the eye.

The biggest surprise from all the nets was that none of them was introducing any new reality shows. Except for the bombs like the Contender, all were expected to return to the fall schedules.

Plenty of copycat shows, as usual. One is Ghost Whisperer staring Jennifer Love Hewitt, as a medium who can talk to the dead. Sounds alot like NBC's Patricia Arquette show, the Medium.

CBS wants to remain king of Monday nights since Raymond is finished. Two and a Half Men takes over the coveted 9 pm Monday spot. A "new" show starring "new" faces, Stockard Chaning and Henry Winkler, called "Out of Practice" gets the plum 9:30 pm slot after "Men".

NBC got "the Martha" for another version of the Apprentice. Since the net has fallen to fourth place in the 18-49 category, they didn't seem too worried and didn't offer much in the way of variety.

ABC fresh off its hits, "Desparate Housewives, Lost and Grey's Anatomy, found that they can build on these hits by moving some of their reality shows around like SuperNanny.

All in all, not any true breakout shows. The WB and UPN, the weblets, are juggling their lineups a bit. Smallvile and Everwood move to Thursdays on the WB and UPN has moved Wrestling to Fridays.

We just need to see more eye candy. Let me know what shows you feel will be hits and what will be misses. Everyone' s a TV critic these days.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Self, Sex and Christ. The Ex-Gay Movement Is Programmed For Failure

You read these articles about gay men and lesbians who say they are Christians, they profess that they can be changed from "unwanted" urges. To me, that isn't reality. They are living falsely in a belief that they can "change". What they are doing is making their soul live a closeted existance. And if you can live with a free soul, you can't live a fulfilling life. That's just the way I see it.

The statistics in the Ex-gay movement's success rate are not impressive at all. With such high profile scandales as Michael Johnson, an ex-gay leader who knowingly infected other men with HIV while pretending to live an ex-gay life, and John Paulk, who was photographed visiting a gay bar in Washington DC in 2000, are two of many examples of the failures of the so-called movement.

Ssome theologians profess that it is sometimes possilbe to live a life of chastity. But this is encouraging to read an opinion from a Catholic priest, quoted as saying, "It may not be God's desire that every single person be relieved of these "temptations"." I never asked to be relieved of that temptation, to love a man openly and deeply. So there!

I think these so called ex-gays want a group hug from straights, plain and simple. Somehow they have gotten hurt in a gay relationship, haven't we all, and are sulking and grasping at straws. But this does way more harm than good to pretend to be someone that you aren't, living the lie.

The so called "saviors" will stoop at nothing to say that you will die of AIDS, will do drugs and have all kinds of illicit sex if you don't change. Hogwash. How can anyone be so gulliable to believe such lies and misrepresentations?

I know you guys have opinions about this. I don't want to sound as if I am preaching from my soapbox, but I would like to read your opinions. Since you guys are really happy and well adjusted gay men, in my opinion, I would really respect your opinions and welcome you to share them with the rest of us.

It goes without saying that we are who we are. I can't change my ways and I won't. Big Hairy Muscle Hugs and Peace.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Not Too Late To Put Together That Special Outfit 4 Gay Pride

I don't know about you, but I'm like a kid waiting for Daddy Santa when Gay Pride month approaches.

I really enjoy going to the various parades and festivals that seem to sprout being the first weekend in June and end with the big parades in New York and San Francisco.

But what to wear? That has always been the challenging question for gay men for the past two decades.

If it was me, I'd only wear a jock and a pair of bike cop boots. But since some modesty is in order, I'd like to share some do's and don'ts to putting together the right look for you.

DON'TS: Never buy anything made of white see-through mesh. It doesn't even look right on the Undergear models.

DO Buy a mesh tank or muscle T, but make sure it is black. They are now blended with some lycra, so always order the next larger size. They can give you an awesome look, mixed with jeans, (white 501's if you dare) or black 501's.

DON'T Buy anything from International Male or Undergear if you honestly feel that the item only looks good on the shaved chest model with blonde hair and you are beefy and hairy and not blonde.

DO Buy the item if the model somewhat resembles you in physique build and facial tones. One item that I really wanted from Undergear and never got because they sold out very quickly was the Ulloa black mesh front cupid tank featured on the back cover of the February 2005 Undergear catalog. It is awesome and simple, but very sexy.

DON'T order anything at the last minute from Brawn, California Muscle, Undergear and almost anyone else. The hottest items are either sold out or never arrive on time. Trust me on this one. However I recently found a site, http://www.mensunderwearstore.com that lives up to its reputation of fast order turnaround. They carry N2N club wear which is awesome and affordable. So I did order a plain shear black tank from them along with a blue mesh Muscle T.
I ordered them last Friday and received them on Monday, with free shipping. That can't be beat.

DON'T EVER WEAR LEATHER SHORTS for Gay Pride. They never look good on anyone. Guyz confuse leather shorts with underchaps. Underchaps are leather snug fitting shorts worn with leather bike chaps. They work together. You can go bare butt wearing chaps, but never just the underchaps. Also never wear your leather vest or harness with leather shorts. Save that hunky harness or vest for a nice pair of denim Levis. Or pair a nice white fitting T shirt with your bar vest and jeans. WOOF.

I know you have your own favorite places to shop. I found never shop from Fredericks of Hollywood. Their club wear and underwear is junk, poorly crafted, junk from China. Shop reputable stores and look for tight fitting clinging tanks from N2N, Undergear, Savage, Whittal and Shon, RIPS, Brawn, California Muscle, Jocko, YMLA, Calvin Klein and C-in 2, 2ixt, Ulloa, baskit and others. I used to love a brand called MC sportswear that made the hottest tanks, but unfortunately, they seem to no longer be in business.

Get the right look, smile and who knows, this Gay Pride may be the most memorable yet.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

We Love Our Pooches. A Dog is a Gay Man's Dependable Friend

There is a Bravo TV program called "Showdog Moms and Dads" that has featured a gay couple have two dogs, Daisy and Liberace. Oh brother.

While most of us don't have pets for the sole purpose of championship competition, there are gay brothers who enjoy grooming and training championship show dowgs.

Brandon and Ryan from Seattle do just that. They proudly acknowledge that their dogs are better dressed than most humans. Their pampered pooches get their teeth whitened by a human dentist. But these guys can't seem to share their love of showing their dogs. They are always fighting and seem quite tempermental, even more so than their show dogs could ever be.

That aside, we have our dogs because we need their unconditional love. But they are needing as well. And we fulfill that need admirably. Our dogs need a home, they need to be loved, nutured and led. They earn our trust and we theres. There's this mutual sense of bonding, companionship, nuturing. A dog is a gay man's most reliable companion.

I don't know if any of you brought your dogs into your relationships, acquired them during a relationship, or whatever. What I do know is that you love your dogs very much.

Feel free to share your stories about how you found your dogs, what attracted them to you, how they have changed your lives. WOOOF, WOOOF.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A Gay Man Can't Even Safely Walk in Amsterdam These Days.

According to the London Times, the Amsterdam Tourist Board, for the first time, has issued a warning to gay visitors to be careful in the city.

This comes after Chris Crain, editor of the Washington Blad was kicked to the ground by a Moroccan youth gang last week.

Six monts ago, in Amsterdam, Theo van Gogh, the Dutch film maker, was brutally kikked by an Islamic extremist.

Social tenison have erupted in the heart of Ruguliersdwarsstraat, or Straat, the main gay street in Amsterdam.

Various reports have surfaced of Moroccan gang youths shouting "flicker", Dutch for faggot, to various men working in the gay district.

A lot of Moroccan and Turks aren't tolerant of homosexuality. So they congregate and cause trouble, attacking gay men on the street.

COC Nederland, the Dutch gay rights organization, reports increased acts of violence against gay men in recent months.

"The Feeling of insecurity in Amsterdam is rising," says Rene Soeren of the COC. "Gay men are less willing to walk hand-in-hand because they might be beaten up"

Some gay couples have been forced to life elsewhere beyond the Straat, because they have been hounded by gay bashing neighbors.

So when we felt that Amsterdam was the gay mecca, it no longer is. The World keeps changing around us. Live for gay men has always been risky, but now, in this age and time, we really have to be more careful being openly affectionate to each other in public. A sorry state of affairs, indeed.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Your Morning Ritual. What It Takes to Get Up (And Get It Up) Every Morning

Oh brother, another day, another dollar.

Some of us are morning guyz and it is much easier for us to start the day than it is for some of us who are night guyz.

Being a morning guy, I love waking up early, plob out of bed, do my 25 pushups and head for the bathroom to shit, shave and shower.

After that I find time to sit down and blog, do more dumbbell butterflies, crunches, pull ups, whatever I need to do to crank up the body.

If the weather is nice, I like to do some of the workout outside, but for now, it is just getting light when I leave for work.

Fresh air, I find is invigorating. These ccool spring mornings are exceptional. The birds chirping, muscles pumping, just a great day to start the day.

If you'r a night guy, then it is harder for you to start off your mornings. Perhaps a good blow job or a nice splash of cold water does the trick for you. Or a big cup of java. If you have some special rituals that make your mornings more fun before heading out the door to work, please share them with the rest of us.

I know if I start the day out right, the rest of the day most often falls into place. However when I don't get enough shut eye, then I find that I don't usually have the best of days. Being prepared to face another day is half the battle.

If you are reading this before heading out the door, I want this to be your best day this week.
Starting off with big hairy muscle hugs will make it even better. After all, you are the greatest guyz in the world.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

You Sure Smell Sexy

The latest topic du jour for gay men is how we respond differently to pheromones.

This scientific study revealed that the sexual area of a gay man's brain works a lot like that of a women when exposed to a particular stimulus. So this means that we are girlie men. NOT.

This finding concludes that gay men's brains respond differently from those of straight males, and in a similar way to female brains.

These findings were published yesterday in the Proceedings of the Nacional Academy of Sciences, so it must be true. HeHe.

The scientists exposed straight men and women as well as gay men to chemicals derived from male and female sex hormones. These chemicals are thought to be pheromones, molecules know to trigger responses such as defense and sex in many animals including those of us wild beasts.

There were 12 of each sexual orientation, divided into three groups. All were healthy, unmedicated, right handed and HIV-negative.

So did you hear the one about the unmedicated, right handed, HIV-negative gay man who. . .?
You can fill in the blanks.

They were given scents like cedar or lavendar to smell. Then they were confronted by a chemical from testosterone, portions of the brain active in sexual activity were activated in straight women and gay men, but not in straight men. I wonder if the straight men's nasal passages were blocked or something. They may have put their noses in places they shouldn't have. Oh brother.

So similarly, estrogen was smelled, leaving straight men sexually aroused in the reproductive region of the brain, but did nothing for straight females and gay men.

In a separate study, researches in Phillyh found sharp differences between gayh and straight men and women in responding to body odors. Their findings support the contention that gender preference has a biological component that is reflected in both the production of different body orders and in the perception of and response to body odors. They found that gay men differed from heterosexual men and women and from lesbian women, both in terms of which body odors gay men preferred and how their own body odors were regarded by the other groups.

Naturally, gay men preferred odors from gay men, while odors from gay men were the least preferred by straight men, females and lesbians. So now, in bars, guys will be going around sniffing each other to see if any of the guys are bisexual.

If you pass the sniff test, then you're gay. How silly.

I like you no matter how you smell, because, after all, you smell like men. Period.

Soon there will be colognes marketed especially for gay men. Leave me out, I hate the smell of any colognes. Let mine be man scent natural.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's Just the Way It Is

I spent Mother's Day with my Mom. She was thrilled that I visited her. It was mostly a working visit, do some exterior paining, planting her front flower garden and planting her window boxes and flower urns. I enjoyed every minute of it. It felt good to see her and help her around her house.

Driving back from her house, of course, there was plenty of highway construction going on. The weather was warm, but didn't see any construction crew dudes shirtless. Oh how I remember when I was a teenager and the family would go on vacation, I would see several hunks shirtless on the road crews. I sure miss that. Seems guys have to cover up now with these sleeveless reflecting vests. It used to sure make driving a lot more fun.

Speaking of fun, what did you guyz do this weekend? Hoping you visited or called your moms.

It did feel good washing the car shirtless when I returned home yesterday. Had the new garden guy who mulches the neighborhood trees looking with interest at me as he explained to me that his crew had replaced last year's mulch around the trees with new mulch. Being an active member of the homeowner's association has its perks.

So much for lust. It makes the world a better place to live. And speaking of hunks. how about Doug Savant stripping on Desparate Housewives on Sunday. He definitely has been working out. WOOFS. Appreciated the eye candy.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Are Gay Men "Mama's Boys" or Are We Just Better Sons?

With Mother's Day fast approaching, I was thinking about my relationship with my own Mother.

In retrospect, in my formative years, I was closer to my Mom than to my Dad. My Mom would walk me to my elementary school when I was in first grade. I was fortunate, it was a neighborhood school and we, as kids only had to cross one busy street which was manned by the crossing guard. That school is now a faded memory, long ago torn down.

She always greeted my sister and I after school with a healthy snack since Dad came home from work at 6 oclock. She was there to listen to an account of my school day and helped me with my homework. She taught me to stand up for myself and to overcome my shyness.

But relationships always evolve and for a time, there was a love-hate relationship during college.
But I still loved her.

She was the first to sense that I was gay. And she was very accepting of that.

Together she and my Dad were supportive parents and allowed me to pursue in life what would make me happy. I will always treasure that.

So back to the question, "Are We Just Mama's Boys or Are We Just Better Sons?" I firmly believe we are a little of the former and a lot of the latter.

We are better sons. We treat our Moms, for the most part, with kindness and respect. My Mom after the death of my Dad, went through hell coping with her loneliness. I was there for her, as a long distant emotional care giver of sorts. But she pulled herself through it and is a better mother and women because of it. I was her emotional pillar for a while. I feel being gay helped me to help my Mom better cope with her loss.

What are your feelings about our role as sons? Do we tend to be closer to our Mom's than our Dad's?

Whatever the situation, show your Mom how much you love her this Sunday. Afterall, you mean the world to her.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Do You Remember Your 1st Date Jitters and What You Did to Control Them?

We've all gone through the dating scene, most of us still are.

No matter how expert you are in the dating scene, we all can recall our 1st date disasters and not so bad dates and how we prepared for them.

I came across an interesting post on Gaydating.com that puts all of this in perspective.

The author, Jill Dellamarva, writes that we all have those 1st date jitters. Knowing what to wear, how to act, what to say, is all part of the dating ritual.

It always helps if the other guy knows 1st hand what you look like. Online dating is helpful in that regard. Since you both know what you look like, that obsticle is overcome.

You may also know or so you think you know, everything there is to know about this cutie pie prior to the 1st date. Don't be so sure of yourself. Guyz tend to hide some things. Hoping that your date has some pleasant surprises for you, instead of an alcohol or drug problem. Try finding a guy without a lot of baggage is fodder for another blog post.

She identifies 4 types of guyz, the mute, the self centered creep, the desparate fool and the nervous wreck. Might I add the control freak as well.

The mute just doesn't say much. I've had my share of those types of guyz. They just clam up, they play with their glass and they just don't communicate unless you are asking the questions.
This date usually ends in disaster. Sometimes, however, the strong, silent type has attributes that you find out later in bed. So be patient with this type of guy. In the end, he can be very rewarding.

The self centered creep never knows when to shut up. It's all about him, his job, his apartment, his career, yadda, yadda, yadda. These dates do end in disaster, unless you are just like him and the both of you talk each other to dry mouth, neither one of you really listening to the other.

The desparate fool is so hung up on scoring that this date can really be comical. Not a truly disaster date, but never boyfriend material. He's planning a cruise together with you half way through the salad. This is amusing, and you can never be too careful with this kind of guy. He's usually wearing a hairpiece and has bad breath.

The nervous wreck can potentially be boyfriend material, especially if you can calm him down and make him laugh. If you know or feel beforehand that you are confronting a nervous wreck, usually flowers pull him out of his nervousness, but can provoke it more if he feels inferior because he didn't bring you flowers as well. So tread lightly with this kind of guy.

The control freak is someone to avoid at all cost. You're in store for big trouble with this type, unless you are into submissive stuff, then he's your ideal man. I can sense this kind almost immediately because he wants to pick the place to meet, order your food for you from the menu, criticizes the beer or other beverage you choose. Not someone if you are independent minded, that you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

I am sure you can think of other circumstances or types of guyz you've encountered on your first dates. Feel free to share them.

Knowing how to end a good date or bad date is all in the timing. If I like the guy, a big hairy muscle hug is in order. That signals the second date. A bad date ends with a hand shake. Don't do anything to encourage him. Separate checks are another indicator that the date has gone really bad. If you liked him, you'd pick up the check for the both of you or he for you, then plan an after dinner drink or walk. It all depends on the chemistry.

But afterall, half the "fun" can be taking that next step. Avertinghe misery is quitting while you're ahead. The Gay God never promised any of us that hooking up would be easy. Take one step at a time and hopefully you'll find the man of your dreams. After all, you might have to kiss a lot of toads before you find your prince charming.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Did You Happen To Hear The One About The Gay Blade Who Leaped To His Death, Jumping from the Upper Floors of a Roman Castle?

Wh;en you thought you may have read or heard everything, a story in today's Washington Post proves you wrong.

It was reported in the news today the suicidal death of Flamboyant lobbyist, Edward von Kloberg III. This dude was known as a legend of sorts in public relations circles, counting as this clients Saddam Hussein, Nicolae Ceausescu, disposed dictator of Romania, and other third world dictators.

Von Kloberg's slogan was, "shame is for sissies". He had an unabashed sense of Edwardian living, dressing dapper and arriving at galas and balls wearing black capes, arriving up with his boy toy in long black limos, always wanting to make the grand entrance. I guess wearing all those capes convinced him that he could fly. Instead his body was splattered on the streets of Rome.

A lengthly suicide note was found on his body, according to US Embassy officials in Rome on Sunday. This dude was quite full of himself. For one, the "Von" in his name was made up. He was not of any European royality, just a queen trying to make a good impression. He was known to throw intimate dinner parties, at last count over 3500 dinners, each with 12 guests.

He put on a sense of dignity, training himself to speak with a high class Rooseveltian accent. He draped foreign medals on his tuxedos. One of his black capes was lined with red, the other with prints of doves. How divine!!! Oh brother.

As a youth, he was pampered by older female relatives. I guess he had the mommy complex.
He flunked out of Princeton in the early 60's, eventually graduating down the road at Rider College in Lawrenceville, NJ, across from New Hope, PA in 1965. At that time, he was a queen in training.

He opened his public relations practice in 1982 and started courting the rich and famous. He hit some scandals and rough roads in his life, but his diplomatic friends never abandoned him.

He tested his perspective clients by asking them to pay his first class airfare along with $5000 per day business expenses. He was a globe trotter, his social calendar was demaning and he had a rule in case a party was a flop, to find the back exits well ahead of time.

He suffered in later life with cancer, diabetes and the inner ear condition known as Meniere's disease, a ceaseless ringing in his ears. When going to the hospital for various ailments, he usually brought 5 trunks of luggage. What a showoff!!

The article listed his survivors as his companion Darius Monkevicius of Rome and a sister, Carol van Kloberg of New York. May he RIP.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Do You Feel Comfortably "In Shape" To Enjoy the Warm Weather Dayz Ahead

I guess today is the moment of reckoning. Looking in the mirror, do you really feel good about your image? I can answer that for most of us.

It all depends on your own perception of body image. I dealt with that topic previously.

Let's say that you like almost everything about your physique, but just want to tone up. That I feel is the proper assessment of the vast majority of us.

If it's only a matter of 5 pounds and some toning, I think I can provide some answers.

First off, cut down a little on your food consumption. If you eat a whole sandwich for lunch, try half a sandwich. Substitute say, strawberries for that cookie. Add more fruit and fiber to your diet. Hell, even try the new food pryamid website to get you started at

To get yourself motivated, just flex your pecs. WOOOF. I found that some pecs pumping exercises are really simple. Try doing a pushup using the tips of your fingers instead of your entire hand. Try one and don't give up. The more you try, the more you can do. Also vary this with fisting your hands as if you have a sword and that you are striking it into the ground. Try as many of these as you can. You'd be amazed that, first, you can do it, and second, that these exercises down regularly and routinely do product amazing results.

For the abs, some simple stomach crunches will do the trick as well. Also I find brisk walking an excellent way to reduce the waist in addition to eating less. Also try substituting flavored water or fruit juices for sugar sodas. Of course, the diet soda stuff is fine, as long as you don't over do it.

If you have any personal fitness tips that have worked well for you, please share. I know you guyz are woofy and the best dudes a guy can ever have as buds. It just goes to show that anything you set your mind to do, you can do and do better than anyone else. And if you need a little help or push, all of us are here to help.