Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Big Companies That Support Gay Events Are Under Attack Again by the American Family Association Windbags

Two corporate giants, Kraft Food Co. and Harris Bank, both Chicago institutions, have come under fire from the American Family Association for sponsoring the 2006 Gay Games.

More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies include sexual orientation in their anti-discrimination policies. Illinois is one of only 16 states that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.

But because these companies provide such protections, they are becoming targets of groups such as AFA.

But having this protection in the workplace fosters eventual acceptance from fellow workers and makes the workplace a better place to work for everyone.

Quoting the source for this report, the Chicago Tribune, one of the openly gay employees of Harris Bank, Larry Passo, a vice president and branch manager, has spearheaded the bank's initiative targeting affluent gay and lesbian customers.

"It's important not to apologize" for who you are, he said. "If you're doing a good job at work, they (fellow workers and management) will respect you."

So again the ugly head of discrimination against gay men and lesbians in corporate America is raised, condemning our lifestyle and right to marry and live happily ever after.

So to combat this personal attack and counteract their boycott, if you buy Kraft products, continue to do so. If you don't, fight these crafty evil bastards by buying Kraft products.
This is one of many ways to show them that we won't stand for this attack on our lives anymore.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A New Gay Cable TV Channel Has Begun Broadcasting Programs 4 Your Viewing Pleasure

From the folks that bring youMTV, CMT and VH1 comes Logo TV.

Brian Graden, an openly gay man, is responsible for this gay channel that caters to our gay sensibilities.

He grew up in rural Illinois, attended Oral Roberts University. Hey, we can't hold the ORU thing against him. I guess he liked the clean cut boys.

Anyway, Logo is here, to be broadcast first and seen in homes with digital cable. And it isn't pay-per-view, so anyone getting digital cable can receive it, according to the press release.

Gay and lesbian themed movies and documentaries will fill many of Logo's first programming hours. A future scripted series called "Noah's Arc" about a black gay man and his friends in LA along with a reality series about opening a gay bar and for cutting edge programming, a stand-up comedy series called "Wisecrack" are slated for airing sometime in the fall.

Everything is about Brian, according to various reports on the AP wire and elsewhere. He is responsible for torturing us with the Osbournes, Jackass and Pimp My Ride. He has been responsible for putting between 200 and 300 programs on the air. Should we whip his ass for subjecting us to such mindless entertainment? He might think of that as a show of appreciation.

So here we are, and during the last week of Gay Pride Month, we have our own cable TV channel. But where are the gossip shows, the news programming about this year's coverage of Gay Pride across the county, the continent and the world? I guess they haven't found the right on-air reporters yet. Some nude news would bring in the viewers and hype the ratings.

Whether or not LOGO will live up to its hype and ground breaking attempt to cater to our varied tastes, only time will tell. Hopefully they will broadcast a wide variety of shows including travel and fitness. And thank goodness they won't be rebroadcasting "Queer Eye" marathons since this is Viacom and not NBC/Universal. The gay gods must be with us.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sex on the First Date: Does it Lead to a Romp in the Sack or a Meaningful Relationship?

I found an interesting article on the Washington Blade web site main page,

It proclaims, "Gay sex is everywhere these days." The TV is a mainstain of this, including "Queer as Folk", "Six Feet Under" and even "Desparate Housewives".

It's often promiscuous sex that is depected on these programs. But to gay men believe that this is always the case? From the results of a survey conducted by the Washington Blade, it runs the spectrum from promiscuity to long-term relationships to personal codes of conduct based on a variety of complex factors?

So is screwing around on the first date, the norm for gay men? According to those guys surveyed, it all depends.

A psychologist and sex therapist interviewed for the article, Michael Hendricks, says that when "two people have sex too soon, the relationship is more likely to be based on fantasy". But what is so bad about that? A respondent to the survey said that it can be "fun to just go at it becuase you find the other person "hot" and the feeling is mutual".

According to those in the know, sex lives are influenced by emotional and supeficial factors, such as race, age, level of comfort with being gay, how drunk or high you might be at a particular moment, your relationship history, a broken heart and health status. So being on the rebound has some influence on how you take that first encounter, easy and slow, or ramping it to the extreme.

One of the respondents, Mike, wrote that he would "only engage in bondage, role-playing and spanking with men he has an emotional connection with". But he concluded that relationships for him take priority over casual sex.

This other guy who completed the survey, "Dan", said that he assumed in his 20's that a sexual attraction meant "happy ever after". But he knows better now than to, at the drop of a pin after the first dates, to rent the U-Haul and " order his and his mongrammed towels".

Also, obviously, HIV status also plays a role in making decisions about sex, for rational gay men, anyway.

Mike Hendricks, the psychologist interview for the article, concludes that "sexual freedom with no rules ultimately leaves gay men with the right to choose a sex life that makes them feel comfortable and says that it's an important extension of their personalities".

The Dan man also feels that God gave him this wonderful ability to have sex, and by God, "it would be a sin not to use it". Now that's putting the most positive spin on having gay sex that I have ever read. I absolutely agree with him.

So what are your feelings about sex on the first date? And taking this one step further, is kinky sex healthy or harmful to a gay man, whether or not he's in a relationship? I feel that a little sleaze as long as it's protect sex, can only lead to more pleasurable sex and who knows, a long term commitment. You won't know if you don't try.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The PRide Parade: Marching or Just Mingling in the Crowd

The three biggest Gay pride parades and celebrations in the U.S. take place this weekend in NYC, San Francisco and Chicago.

These events cap off a great Gay Pride month. Hundreds of cities have already celebrated Pride in their own way. Now the big three get to strut their stuff, bare butt, bare chested and all that.

I fondly remember marching in the 1993 March on Washington as well as Stonewall 25.

These were giddy times. We were fighting for our lives. AIDS and discrimination were killing us. They still are. It seemed the best of times and the worst of times. Don't ask, Don't Tell, a still friendly Congress and optimism galore.

But we got ahead of ourselves. The gay bashing Republicans took over Congress and we were back at square one.

Fast forward to 2005. The under 30 crowd thinks it is uncool to go to the parade, yet alone march in it. We marched squirting each other with water pistols. Hey, who says that we can't have some good clean fun every once in a while.

The Human Rights Campaign Fund and their blue and yellow equal signs still florish at parade time. Safe sex messages and condom tossing is still in vogue along the parade route.

But our parades have become overly commercial. This float sponsored by Bacardi, the Absolut Vodka drag kings, the Bud Light beefcake, you get my drift.

You used to see dollars stamped with pink triangles, currency reminding us that the best way to get our issues addressed is my spending our money at gay owned businesses and letting the large straight corporate America that we have spending power.

But the marriage issue eludes us today. Quoting Mike Albo in the Village Voice's queer issue, "The fuel of anger behind the event of gay pride has gradually turned into a marketing technique." Our tight ass opponents and enemies can just sit back and laugh, because we have lost that fire in our gut.

I, for one, welcome the younger guys to stand up and be counted, instead of crystalizing their life on the endless party circuit. These GoodTime Charlies need to get with the program and march for our right to marry, to live a life no different and every much as equal as straights.

So as we enter our final weekend of Gay PRide, let us reflect upon the past and regroup for the future fights. We have only just begun. Big Hairy Muscle hugs of Pride to each of you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Playing With Your Food Takes On A Whole New Meaning

I only wish that the Food Network would devote some airtime to the true pleasures of food.

Did you know that bubble gum is America's Number 1 snack food? It's true. Bubble gum is a $3.3 billion industry. At the National Confectioners Association trade show in Chicago earlier this mopnth, 86 new gums were introduced, including ones that help people lose weight or that taste like chocolate. Yummy.

However gum chewers are fickle, with 60 percent changing flavors and brands regularly. The No. 1 reason people chew gum is to freshen their breath. Wrigley's even has a patent that covers a Viagra gum. Say, isn't that handy, freshening breath and keeping a hard on all at the same time.

I love chewing bubble gum, but have to watch sometimes. I usually like to chew while working outdoors in the summer. Getting sweaty and working shirtless, I have on occasion blown quite a bubble which has burst all over my goatee and even on my chest. Removing chewing gum from these places can be fun or can be torture, depending on what you like.

Other fun foods gaining popularity are cream puffs. Now I like the pop in the mouth kind found in the frozen food case, but fresh bakery cream puffs are so gooooooooood. They ooze so deliciously. I love the vanilla cream puffs. And licking some of that cream off a guys fuzzy face is awesome. I have also indulged several of my buds by licking the cream puff filling off their nipples. Also ass cheeks are really cool places to hide some of the smaller puffs and have a guy lick the crack gives both the bottom and the top guy pure satisfaction during foreplay. There's even a company called that rents its chocolate dipping fountions to party givers for $299. Among the hottest dipping items, cream puffs. Talk about a fun idea for your next orgy. Pure pleasure in every lick.

Two items that I have tried lately which are really delicious and used in the right way, really erotic are Edys Dibs Ice Cream Snacks and Smuckers Sundae Singles. YUMMMMMMMMMY.
Dibs snacks are bite-sized ice cream. These munchable delights cum in the following flavors: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate and Nestle Drumstick cone coating, chocolate ice cream with chocolate coating, mint ice cram with chocolate coating, vanilla ice cream with chocolate coating and vinilla icecream with chocolate and Nestle Crunch candy coating. Being a drumstick kind of guy since childhood, I prefer the vanilla ice cram with the Drumstick coating. The coating keeps the balls hard and lying back and having several placed around the balls and then having them licked and getting sucked off is pure pleasure. This foreplay can last as long as there are dibs in the carton.

As a companion treat, try Smucker's microwavable sundae singles. Just make sure that the chocolate and carmel cool down a little after coming out of the microwave, but still liquid. Pour generously over your erection and have your play partner experience the best banana split ever. Do take turns, so that both of you can experience the pure pleasure of these erotic experience.

So guys, I leave it up to you to discover these new snack foods. When you find yourself bored with the ordinary foreplay and are in the mood for a little comfort food, give these snack treats a try.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Gay Officer is accused of Harassment in NYC

Well the boot is on the other foot, figuratively speaking.

Kieran Crow, an openly gay officer, is accursed of behaving badkly, allegedly making sexually suggestive use of his hands, tongue and other body parts in front of three male sergeants, according to the New York Daily News.

Crowe was their supervisor and occurred in the NYPD's Office of Equal Employment Opportunity.

The fromal charges accuse Crow, 46, of repeatedly harassing Sgts. Sean Gallagher and Dominic Coppola and constantly staring at the private parts of another sergeant.

Coppola, in his affidavit, said, "He (Crowe) informed me that he was the best "kiss ass" in the department and he was going to teach me to be the second best." Oh brother.

However Crowe ever denys this. One of his former supervisors stepped forward to defend him, saying the charges are completely out of character for Lieutenanta Crowe.

Quoting him, "These allegations are sheer fabrications by two malcontents" siad Robert Brown, a retired NYPD captain.

Sounds liked trumped up charges to me. Will keep you guys posted.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Why We Don't Have a More Effective HIV test

There is a revised, better HIV test that still isn't being used, thanks to the footdragging by CDC officials in Atlanta.

NAAT for Nucleic Acid Amplification Test, provides a new weapon for HIV experts. IT was the main reason North Carolina health officials, who developed the test, were able to uncover an outbreak of the AIDS virus among 84 suitdents at 37 colleges in the state.

The NAAT test finds the actual AIDS virus itself and can do so within a week after infection. The current test which looks for antibodies can take weeks to develop in the bloodstream, whereby giving a false negative because a recently infected person would show being negative and thus free of HIV, when that wouldn't be the case.

Because the test is expensive, it is done using blood pooling. Up to 100 samples that tested negative using antibody testes are pooled together and tested at one. If the virus is not found in the pooled sample, officials go no further. If the virus is found, indivisual samples are tested until the positive match is found.

NAAST has increased HIV detection by 8 percent in SanFrancisco, where it has been used since 2003. Other than North Carolina, few other places offer the test, mainly because many health officials are waiting for the CDC to endorse it.

according to Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, San Francisco's director of sexually transmitted disease prevention, "It's up to localities to take the initiative." He woul dlove to see strong evidence, but sometimes acting in lieu of the evidence is more beneficial that waiting until there is achieved the highest level of evidence.

If the NAAT test works, then I say, go with it. With new strains emerging and more than 1 million people living with HIV and others still not knowing their status, it makes good sense to let the NAAT test be implemented nationwide. How can CDC officials live with themselves, knowing that there is a test that detects HIV almost instantly? The more lives can be saved if this information, is used responsibly, and HIV infected inviduals can start their treatment immediately. After all, shouldn't this be the No. 1 priority of an agency like the CDC?

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Points of Pride and Then Some

Read this wonderful tidbit on the wire services.

Seems that German gay men and lesbians in Hamburg during their Gay PRide set a new world record for a group hug, with 16,000 people embracing each other for 10 seconds.

Oliva Jones, a drag queen and one of the organizers was quoted as saying, "This march should bring people together, regardless of whether people are gay or straight".

Police estimated the crowd at 22,000 who attended the Christopher Stree Day parde, a Pride march held in numerous cities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in 1969 in NYC.

Another tidbit on the wire services was the death of cutie pie former actor, Lon McCallister, who was 82. The reason why I mention his death was that he kept to himself as well as hiding his sexual orientation.

The Washington Post mentions his companion, fellow actor William Eythe, who pre-deceased him in 1957. Of course survivors include the following relatives, a brother and a sister, another clue that he never married.

He sisliked flaunting his acting career. IT was once written about him that he"enjoys his privacy and the freedom of being anonymous".

His boyish good looks led him to be cast as the likable small-twon hero in various 1940's pics including"The Story of Seabiscuit" with Shirley Temple, Scadda Hoo, Scudda Hay, and no I din't make that title up, and "The Red House" (1947) with Edward G. Robinson and Julie London, better known as nurse Dixie on the 1970's TV show, "emergency".

He maintained close relations with Carol Channing, Jane Withers, the Comet TV commercial lady and another diva of the silver screen, Deanna Durbin, all gay friendly actresses.

Speaking of "close", did you watch "The Shield" this season on FX? Glenn Close played a remarkable character, precient police chief. She was awesome. She deserves an Emmy and if she doesn't, it is the most injustice and oversight ever in the history of television.

Her on screen performances are riveting. If you haven't seen her, check out the final episode of the season airing on FX this week. It is television at its best.

Well, guys, maybe we can set our own world's record with the biggest hairy muscle hug ever over the internet. I know that comes natural to you men. So get ready to hug. Big hairy muscle hugs and the best day today ever.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The New Lost Boys: Thrown Out By Their Polygamist Dads. So Don't Expect These Sons to Send Their Dads a Father's Day Card

While we wage a brave battle to marry just one man, there are those in this country who live in Holdale and Colorado City Utah that can live as polygamists.

Now these crazed men are through out their own flesh and blood, teenage boys to fend for themselves because they pose a burden when seeking new brides.

These guys were given as little as 2 hours notice before being driven to St. Goerge, Utah or nearby Hurrican, Utah, and left like unwanted pets along the road, with only the clothes on their backs. More than 400 teenage boys have faced this abandonment in the past 4 yers, according to reports by Utah authorities and an investigative report by the LA Times. See,0,5219104.story?page=4&coll=la-home-headlines

Who is responsible for kicking out these boys is Warren Jeffs, the 49 year old prophet of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They control Hildale and Colordo City, Utah with a combined population of 15, 000.

How these so called righteous men get away with it is beyond me. Last time I checked, polygamy is illegal.

But things are looking up. Recently, Jeffs was indicted in Arizona on charges that he had arranged a marriage between a 28 year old man who was lrady married and a 16 year old girl.
Funny that the religious right isn't screaming about these horror stories.

Also Jeffs is bieng sued by five of the "Lost Boys" who claim he conspired to banish them so church eldeers would have less competition for wives. See, these young studs were proving too much competiton for the old bucks. These are really strange folks. And Michael Jackson is thought to be really weird.

These young men were given trumped up charges by their elders and banished because they acted like teenage boys, sneaking off to see "Charlie's Angels" or just having some fun.

But some of these boys have been taken in by other Mormon families and that has helped to aleviate the situation somewhat. Still these boys want to see their moms again, who won't have anything to do with them.

This cult has been defying the law for over 50 years. Nothing seems to stick and they are allowed to exist and practice polygomy openly.

The Hildale manor, David Zitting said that the exiled boys were defiant. But there cause is not left unnoticed. There is a group, Diversity Foundation, out of Salt Lake City that wnats to raise awareness about these boys as well as provide them with housing and education.

One of the boys said, "If you have 71 brothers and sisters in the house, how can you establish a relationship with your father?" Now that's some feat trying to get his attention.

So injustice permeates everywhere you look. Something to think about.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A Milestone of Sorts Has Been Reached-Those Living With HIV Has Topped the 1 Million Milestone in the U.S.

The Center for Disease Control has issued a statement that the HIV population in the U.S. has now reached 1 million persons infected with HIV and living with HIV. Great news or so it seems as we celebrate Gay Pride Month.

The CDC states that 74 percent of the HIV positive populationi are males. Also 47 % are black, 34 % white, 17 percent Hispanic and 2 % other. 45 percent of the HIV transmission is still attributed to male to male sex with high risk heterosexual contact, 27 %.

This is not surprising that gay males continue to have sexual activity that is unprotected, thus contributing almost half of the HIV transmission. And with the new LGV strain and an entire new generation of gay men exposing themselves to unprotected sex, these numbers can only go higher.

So those pundants in the gay community who continue to preach a moritorium on safer sex, are having their way. They really don't care if these young guys become another lost generation of gay men. They DON'T care that living with AIDS is no picnic. It isn't COOL and it isn't without pain and suffering. These guys forfeit a normal life for that one moment of savage, unbrided bareback sex. Such stupidity. They do know better, but yet they act like morons.

The CDC had issued a goal in 2001 to "break the back" of the epidemic by reducing the rae of new HIV infections to 20,000 a year by 2005. It has been a miserable failure. Instead of halving, the new rate has increased to 60,000 new cases of HIV in the US each year. Besides these alarming rates, there are nearly 300,000 people who are infected with HIV but don't know it , because they won't get tested.

So the dilemma has never gone away. Still guys don't get tested, don't know their HIV status, and some really don't care. We as a tribe must preserve our very existance. If we don't practice protected sex, we will only be extinguishing our being. What a great loss that would be.

Younger guys will never know what a normal gay life is. They won't be able to carry on our traditions and establish their own mark in gay life. They are throwing their healthy lives away.
For what, some sleaze. You can have sleazy fun and live HIV free. I and a lot of others are living proof of that.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Gay Pride Celebrations Take Center Stage

I headed down to DC on Saturday afternoon to catch the 30th annual DC Pride parade.

I had sense to ride the Harley, because parking along P street was tight. I managed to get a space on the Whole Foods side of the street.

It was awesome. Lots of cruising and everyone seemed to have a great time. The dudes of the Gay Men's Chorus were especially friendly, slapping on several "We're 25 " stickers on my chest.

After the customary Dykes on Bikes, the first featured floats and contingents honored gay men in the military. That was fitting. After that, the illuminaries, the grand marshall. Rip Taylor, then all the politicians, then the bars, social groups such as the Lambda car club and the DC COwboys, leathermen, porn stars, Chi Chi La Rue, etc, then the church, PFLAG groups, hispanic groups, and finally the Results Gym with a huge float. Especially loved Freddies Beach Bar's float. Very hunky and colorful.

The next day was the Gay PRide itself. It was hot and sweaty, as usual. Lots of skin. So many booths, so little time. The entertainment was cool. A musical group, Betty, part Harlots, good guitar licks, very good all girl vocal group had the crowd in a festive mood.

But the booths were torn between commerce and social groups. Real Estate seems to be a very big thing in DC and there were so many realtors there that it looked like a Parade of Homes or Home Show. There was a little bit of everything stretching the four blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue.

I'm a little beat from the ride and the walking, but it was fun. The home crowd in DC is in a lovefest with its baseball team, the Nationals as they continue to win and stay in first place.

Caught in the paper this morning a pic of Paris Hilton and her mom, who were grand marshals of the LA Gay PRide parade. I guess West Hollywood and environs were in a street party mood as well.

If you celebrated Gay Pride over the weekend, feel free to share your observations. It is that one time of the year when our tribe can get together for one event. Wishing you the best of Gay Prides. Big hairy muscle hugs.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Being Irresponsible When Fucking. Having Unprotected Sex Is Just Plain Insane & Wreckless Behavior

Alarming new has surfaced, this time from Canada, that a reare sexually transmitted disease that affects mainly gay men has surfaced. It is called LGV or lymphogranuloma venerum.

These guys were also infected with HIV/AIDS and also Hepatitis C.

This is the same strain that started earlier in San Francisco, spreading to NYC and Atlanta. Here we go again. Earlier this strain was found in Europe. Over 100 cases have been reported there.

LGV is usually associated with chlamydia, but the new strain, showing up with guys having man to man unprotected sex is marked by gastrointestinal bleeding, inflammation of the rectum and colon, genital ulcers, swollen lymph glands and flu-like symptoms. Other symptoms include itching ansus, blood or mucus in the stool, and straing and cramping when having a bowel movement. All great topics to share around the dinner table.

It can cause a serious infection which travels through the body's lymphatic system. If left untreated, the inflammation can cause scarring of the genitals or rectum and colon. These scars
can interfere with normal bodily functions such as pissing and shitting, and can lead to severe illnesses.

The good news is if LGV is diagnosed early, it can be effectly treated with common antibiotics such as doxycycline. But for how long, that's anybody's guess.

With all these unpleasant symptons, why would anyone want unprotected sex? It is beyond me to believe that responsible gay men can set themselves for such misery. I just have to conclude that these guys are so irrational that they can't think for themselves. So it is for the top man to stop the stupidity and this insanity. Top men have to wear condoms when fucking, period.
They need to get their act together and try some common sense. Why would anyone want to expose themselves to something so discomforting that they couldn't fuck again to any degree of satisfaction?

We have come upon another Gay Pride Month with all of its parties and opportunities to further spread LGV. I'm just praying that organizers don't turn their heads and try to promote erotic, sexier sex, curbing drug use and unprotected sex. But as everyone knows, guys will have unprotected sex regardless. So the only recourse is to mentally prepare guys to have safer sex.

This is contrary to the opinion of Eric Rofes, who should know better. He proclaims that there should be a Time for Time Out on Safe-Sex Push. He says that the backlash against circuit party culture has made the circuit unfairly scapegoated as the primary site of greatest risk of HIV transmission and infection. We know that it is the individual, not necessarily the atmosphere, but that environment can sometimes lead to primal, unprotected sexual behavior.

He should know better. He says that circuits give wonderful gifts to certain members of our tribe. But these are parting gifts that none of us really want. So with such a large captive audience, why can't these promoters show how to have passionate foreplay in a safe environment. This would be a definite turnon and show guys that you can have really hot sex safely. Rubbing together dancing, getting it on and having safer sex can be promoted as a positive experience, if packaged and marketed correctly. Showing condoms in a new, sexy, positive light would certainly make a difference. You can have safe kinky sex. I know that and you guys know that as well.

So Eric and his words of wisdom advise that we need a few years of "time out" from directive AIDS prvention work for gay men. We need to "get away from all the messaging, all the marketing, all the "crises of the Week" used to terrify gay men into sexual sterility."

What a drama queen Eric is. I guess he can't get laid unless he has unprotected sex. Just plain bullshit. I've seen Eric in some recent photos. He used to really be a cute fuzzy guy. But now, he's just a preaching queen who wants to trap younger guys into his web of ill advised philosophy. He ends his pitch with the words, "Let's stop the minipulation. Give us a time-out to heal." Just plain bullshit and a cop out. Only by making sex truly enjoyable and sane, that all of us in this wonderful tribe will be able to enjoy each other for years to cum.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Juicing It. The Just Squeezed Taste. And I'm Not Talking About OJ

The New York Post featured an interesting article hyping the Steroid Secrets of NYC Juicers.

It spent several weeks taling to steroid users all over the city about their illegal and dangerous habits from downtown party promoters to male stsrippers and shirtless bartenders to Wall Street tycoons.

Some were quoted as saying "NYC is a vain and decadent city." Who knew???

"Sebastian" is a highly visibile party promoter who plans Red Bull fueled all night bases at downtown nightclubs.

His juice of coice is Winstrol V, a cutting agent for longer, leaner muscles. He says in socializing, bieng muscular makes him state out in the crowd.

"George" is a financial professional in his mid 40's who spends more than $2K a year getting his fix. He injects a mix of Deca and testosterone into his buttocks, thigh or shoulder once a week, for 3 or 4 months, then he abstains for 3 or 4 motns. And so on. I hope he knows how to count.

George says that "Steroids are demonized as something much wore than they are".

Sterods are testosterone -boosting drugs meant to spur weight gain in patients with diseases like cancer and AIDS.

So, this is not surprising that the New York black market is centered in the city's gay community.

AIDS patients can get up to $600 for putting a month's supply of growth hormone on the street.
So gay men who have AIDS sell to other gay men and straights to implement their incomes.

Former male stripper, Victor says that his stripper roommates whould shoot each other up with growth hormone or injest Clembuterol talblets. Talking about butt buddies.

To get his good abs, these strippers will go to any length. He says that if you're in top shape, you can make $2K in a single night or about $6 K a week. Other dudes such as actors and models and personal trainers all believe that they would not be as good as they are in their professional life without these juice injections.

So it all plays into male vanity. I know we will see muscly guys on various floats this month as we celebrate Gay Pride. If you see some nice six pack abs, just remember that they came with a price. I don't think any of us are that vain to want to look like that, regardless of consequences.

I think all of you guys are hot just the way you are. Big hairy muscle hugs of support. I know that you know better. And that's why you guys rule. Have a great day.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Greatest American: Picking from the Top 25

Oh brother, you might ask yourself, another list of something or other.

In another blog, I wrote about the 100 greatest Americans. That group has now been chosen and was unveiled on the Discovery Channel's three hour program, 100 Greatest Americans.

You gave me feedback and it was very insightful, much more so than those half million who voted for some of the bozos. Give me a break, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Brett Favre. He's cute, but that shouldn't be the priority given to select a greatest American.

Anyway, now we have twenty five to chose from. Here goes:

Mohammed Ali, Neil Armstrong, Lance Armstrong (give me a break), Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, a real anti everyone not white, Nazi sympathizer, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, well that doesn't surprise me that a sitting President made the list, John F. Kennedy, Elennor Roosevelt, FDR, Ronnie Reagan the Bonzo, Oprah Winfrey, why???, Dr. Billy Grahmn, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, yeah someone read their history books, Rosa Parks, Elvis PResley, Bob Hope, the Wright Brothers and Dr. King.

Anyway, click on to find out who made the top 25.

Now the interesting twist, we get to vote who is the Greatest American. To do so online, click on

They are limiting the quantity of votes per entry per type of media. You can phone in, or use your cell phone to make your vote count or logon to the AOL site.

This should be interesting. I know you have your favorites as well as personal opinions on why someone made it and others you feel, who did not. I'd really appreciate reading them.

Afterall, this is a democracy. So vote early and often and may the best American win.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Tickled Pink: TVLand's Salute to Gay Pride Month

I came across an interesting special on TVLand the other evening. It will be repeated tonight, Friday, on TVLand at 8 pm ET.

So what do you know, Paul Lynde was gay. He was really campy. And TV Land shows brillant clips from this guest spots on Bewitched.

A whole gaggle of A and B list gay TV stars comment on gays and TV. Of course, Carson and Thom from Queer Eye are prominent. Also are some lesbian standups such as Judy Gold.

The whole genre of gay TV and gay TV influence is covered in this special. Our fascination with the Diva, the larger than life strong female such as Maude and Bea Arthur in Golden Girls. Also our fascination for older women such as in Dynasty, Designing Women and Desparate Housewives. (Seems we have a fondness for TV shows starting with the letter, D.)

Also the buddy shows, both male and female are explored. Xena and CHiPS come to mind.

The hour is entertaining and informative, if you are clueless about TV. It is trivial, but mindboggling all at the same time.

How progressive TV looked in the 70's and early 80's with Soap, for instance. Also Roseanne was progressive before Ellen. And Ellen, set the stage for opening up the closet door once and for all. We can laugh and hopefully knock down stereotypes all with one stroke of the pen.

One of the commentators said that since gay men don't fight with their fists, they learn to fight and slash out with their mouths. This may be true to a point. The vicious and foul mouth queen sure is stereotypical of how some see us. But if any stereotype is forever buried, I hope this will be the one.

Bob Mackie has a ball talking about Carol Burnett and Cher. They are both gay icons, Cher is to this day. They seem to out drag the drag queen in a fun and harmless way, vamping their way in about everything they did in front of the TV cameras.

So grab a healthful snack, lay back, get comfortable (sounds like the start of foreplay, but I digress) and tune in for this delightful special. It will leave you wanting more. But after all, more is ultimately less. Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Alex and Lynn from Amazing Race tie the knot

Well the boyz did what they always wanted to do.

Quoting Lynn, "Getting married is much more thrilling than the Amazing Race because the prize at the end is true love and a happy life ever after." Hopefully they can lift the Amazing Race curse. Reichen and his ex, Chip, had professed their "marriage" on an earlier installment of the show, only to break up once they had won the big prize.

400 invited guests looked on as the couple exchanged their marriage vows in Ottawa on June 1st.

The ceremony was without incident. Alex's family didn't know he was gay until he went on the Amazing Race. However on a sour note, his mom and dad do not support him. They don't believe in gay marriage, Alex, was quoted as saying. But his aunt and uncle were in attendance, and they have supported him his entire life.

So again we can find reason that marriage is obtainable for gay men and lesbians if they travel to Canada for the ceremony. Still as much as we would like wedded bliss, and I love Canada dearly, we have to continue the fight here in the US so that someday all of us can have the opportunity to write about our own marriage in our blogs.

Big hairy muscle hugs to the groom and the groom.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Skin Games: Cable TV's Summer Season Begins

If you think we were safe from reality shows for a while, think again.

This time VH1 wants to tickle our fancy with a new show called StripSearch.

The idea behind this series is to find 15 "ordinary" men from across America to compete for one of seven six-figure, one-year contracts as a member of a traveling male strip revue troup.

The lucky seven will hit a Vegas stage for the final telecast, entertaining an all female audience.

Oh brother. Gay men will be checking this series out to see if the stooge, Bill Cross, the creator of the internationally celebrated male revue, "Thunder Down Under" is picking the hottest and most talented guys or letting his fat ass sleep on the job. Only we will know for sure as the series progresses.

The 15 men will be taped training for the biggest opportunity of their lives. They must undergo intese dance training, team building exercises ( to tone down the bitching) and survive a "body shop" with top choreograpaahers, trainers and nutritionists while living in close quarters (more bitching, think Manhunt from last season).

Each week the men are evaluated by Billy, and one must be elimated.

Then the 15 wittle down to 8, head to Vegas to prepare for their big premiere. They will be ruthlessly scrutinized (think a circuit party where you have to perform on stage) and the seven selected. These will become, "the hottest real men in America". I quote this from the VH1 website.

There are some attributes here. The best ass for one. Already Blake is seen as having the best ass.

I haven't viewed the first show yet. It aired last night. I will watch it later today and let you know who are the boys competing for this coveted prize. Stay tuned.