Friday, January 28, 2005

The Cum Shot Lickety Spit

One of my favorite positions to fuck my play partner is lying down on my back, cock stiff and secured by a condom, fucking him as he rides my cock.

I love this position because I can play with his rod while I'll pumping him. There are plenty of lube products out there to attend to his joy stick. I particularly like the foam products. If you aren't in the eating mood, then I suggest Dove aerosol products or various body soaps which are packaged in aerosol containers. The foam just makes the stroking so much easier. But if you prefer sucking this stuff, then I suggest Eros Fun Foam. It cums in three flavors, cherry, vanilla, and strawberry.

Why the stroking and pumping is fun, the cum shot is the cherry on top of the sundae. When he explodes on my chest, his cleaning up process gives both of us a lot of pleasure. I enjoy having his tongue wiping up all that cum juice on my fuzz. It really makes me hot.

After all of this finger licking good stuff, I'm ready to shoot my load, if I haven't already done so in the condom, on his furry chest and lick that up to the last drop. It makes him wild all over again.

I found this enjoyable as a way to have oral sex without exchanging fluids. You get to taste your own cum and give pleasure in the process. Some guys don't like to do this. It's all up to your individual taste.

Have a great TGIF. Any plans for the weekend? Keep it safe and sexy. WOOF.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Gay Architect Philip Johnson Dead at 98 years old

Sadly but not unexpected Philip Johnson, the renown architect, passed away early yesterday.

Philip Johnson was responsible for many of the breathtaking architecture including the Crystal Cathedral in California, the AT&T Building in Manhattan, the theaters at both Lincoln Center and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the New York State Theater, and of course, the Glass House, where he lived in Connecticut.

His career took various twists and turns and into his 90's, he was always developing fresh insights and ideas about architecture. He was the principal spokesperson for the current architectural movement of Frank Gehrey and others.

His sexuality, I believe, helped in his creative process. He lived a long life and was proud of who he was. He gave back to the community, designing the Cathedral of Hope, the largest gay and lesbian church in the world in Dallas, Texas.

Icons such as Philip Johnson and Quentin Crisp lived to ripe old ages. It goes to show that being old and gay can be a wonderful experience. Check out for bios of other famous gay men and lesbians. We are definitely out there. But just think how large this directory would be if the rest of important gay men and lesbians would come out of the closet.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where Would You Like to GO on a 1st Date?

In the age of cyberspace, a lot of gay men hook-up over the Net. Always a word of caution, when deciding your first rendezvous point, never suggest your place or his. It is always better to meet in a neutral place. But where?

If you have been going hot and heavy with him in chat rooms, etc, then you may want to meet at a place where you can continue your conversations. Restaurants are always good places to meet. You'll have to decide about the atmosphere, casual or classy. You'll want a place where the both of you can make googly eyes at each other and can hear each other in conversation.

But I wouldn't rule out concerts except for Cher concerts, sporting events, matches, or even a place like the public library or museum. These places can be barometers in deciding if he is really the man of your dreams or just a one night stand.

For those of us who had plenty of first dates, I, for one, always bought roses or other flowers to give to him when we first met. It always broke the ice, no matter the venue. And I kissed him first as I gave him the flowers. That approach always seemed to work. While the relationships sometimes didn't last much longer than the flowers, I did make a very good first impression.
I always felt since I was the one to walk away, I always did so knowing that I gave it my best shot.

So guys, if you have other suggestions about places to go on first dates, let it rip. There are a lot of young guys out there in cyberspace who don't have a clue about going about arranging and carrying out a first date. Your expert advice will help them a lot. That's why we're here in the first place, to help.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pulling yourself by the bootstraps, jockstrap, whatever

I have read quite a few blogs lately. They are mostly posted by gay men. Some are really electronic diaries and are quite revealing.

Many of them have similiar themes. Some are just bitching sessions, complaining about their life, loves, etc. Others are very revealing. These guys struggle with their jobs, their home life, their abilities or lack thereof.

Yet there are other guys out there who are trying to improve their lives, one day at a time. I admire these guys the most. They tend to stay more focused and seem to be genuinely sincere in their motives. They want life to be better for themselves as for those around them.

I guess the first way to approach a problem is admit to the problem. That sometimes takes a lot of guts. Doing so, you got to analyze for yourself how best to approach the problem and guide yourself towards a solution. You may need others to accomplish this goal. If you want to kick habits like smoking, drugs, alcohol, then you need to figure out methods to accomplish the end result.

Some guys tackle either their outer or inner self or both. They want to look hotter or be more outgoing or be more content with who they are. This evolution takes time.

I've approached my self renewal taking both an inner and outer approach. And for me, it really works. I feel better about myself emotionally because I have outer appearance improvements.
Exercise, for me, is an approach that both cleanses and builds the outer body as well as my inner self. Take the mirror test. If you feel a certain body part needs improvement, tackle that part first. And follow an entire regiment. That means diet and exercise.

With this winter down time, it gives us an opportunity to mold ourselves into men who can feel better about ourselves and at the same times, give to others. That's what life's all about, isn't it?

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Year of the Cock. A Glorious Celebration of Our Collective Manhood

It's a time for everyone of us to rise to the occasion. Can't think of our better way of expressing who we are and what we're all about.

While I prefer this not be a cyberspace circle jerk, whatever gets us started I'll embrace. Our sexuality makes us unique and dam satisfying to each other. We have this power, instinct, if you will, to satisfy both ourselves and our partners in ways almost infinite in their variety. If only we could harness this power, this cum flow, this pleasure. Wow, just think of the possibilities.

I want to take phallic pride to the next level, the nth degree. Our sexuality is our being, our strength. What we do with it is only for us to decide. Straight men have been jealous of us for centuries because we have the ability to pleasure each other without all that "understanding issue" stuff. We instinctively know what we like and what the other guy likes. We can make him see stars, the galaxy, the universe whenever the occasion arises.

Even the Pentagon has admitted to have had thoughts of creating a "gay aphrodisiac" in warfare. Hell, they may be onto something. Just think of the possibilities. This new legion of men begin turning on straight men creating colonies that in time, create our gay world. They hone their skills and become an elite society. And if we need to procreate, then some of the bi's in that society can be enlisted as "daddies". WOOF. More about this later.

I have expressed my firm belief in various blog postings that as we evolve sexually, we become better men. I truly believe in that. As we learn to expand our horizons and make ourselves more pleasurable, we better our gay male world. We are responsible about our bodies and we are responsible sexual animals. This is about pleasure, one or more at a time. However we go about expanding our circle, it can only get better for us as gay men and as sexual men.

Whether we procreate or not, we have the ability to "rec-reate". We got to make our world one of "Recreation" where we "rec-reate" our life into something that is pleasurable without any downside. I'm not talking about an addiction, but a celebration, if you will.

Please feel free to comment about this. I have read so many blogs by gay men who seem to be always in this rut, this panic zone. We can free ourselves of these hangups if we both communicate with one another and embrace who we are sexually. But first we have to take a self examination. How can I make myself more pleasing to both myself and to another man. No Dr. Phil crap here. Our inner self will expose our outer self and transform us into the ideal man.

It will take plenty of time and discipline, but the end result will blow our minds. Big hairy muscle hugs. WOOF

Friday, January 21, 2005

Mad Dogs and Other Species

Well, it's the day after. Not much on my mind except getting even.

Some items of note. Read where Felipe Rose, the Native American part of the Village People, donated his gold 1978 record of "YMCA" to the National Museum of the American Indian recently. Rose, who is half Lakota Sious, wore an Indian costume to the presentation. But for now, the gold record isn't on display but in storage, hopefully for a future display. If you ever happen to visit Washington DC for a protest or travel in the future, check this museum out.
The outside is fantastic. It reminds you of a sweeping side of a canyon. The building is covered with beautiful sandstone and is quite different from other buildings on the National Mall.

Also have been following the North American International Auto Show in Detroit which winds up another great show this weekend. While it is a little light on concept cars this year, Chrysler Corporation is unveiling 5 new models for 2006. A really cool car is the 4 door rear wheel drive Dodge Charger sedan. WOOOF. This car is totally cool and a real eye catcher. Also the Jeep lineup gets beefed up with a third row SUV called the Commander. It takes its styling clues from the Jeep Grand Cherokee and really looks fine. Of course if you prefer big ass trucks, the Dodge Ram doesn't disappoint. Now they have added to the lineup a Mega cab which I find out has to take two curb side parking spaces just to fit. I call that a Monster Truck.

Don't know if any of you guys will be attending Pantheon of Leather this year, President's weekend in Chicago. I haven't been there for a while and can't go this year, but if any of you are planning to attend, please let me know and comment on the events when you get back. Always some hot kinky activities there like International Mr. Saliva and the Cell Block Leatherman 2005 contest. I hear that a documentary, "My Leather Jacket II" will also be premiered there. Again the highlight is Mr. Olympus Leather 2005. That should be HOT.

For those of us in wintry climates, stay warm, snuggle up and give BIG Hairy Muscle hugs whenever you can.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Very Sad Day Tomorrow

We blue guys have one last indignation to face tomorrow, January 20th.

The jerk that was reselected will be sworn in as President of our United States.

We know that the next time the course of events will be in our favor. That's why we have to muster all our strength in numbers to make ourselves heard and our message taken to heart.

Gay men united can pull this off. We want to be able to marry who we want and have the same legal protections under marriage and other protections that straights have. I still think that being equal isn't asking much.

So a moment of silence tomorrow and any other appropriate gesture you wish to make would be most appropriate to show our disfavor during the swearing in by his Chief Justice croany.

All it takes for us is to continue to work hard for change. Together, getting the attention of those in high office who are sympathetic to our cause is the best course of action. This has to be grass roots through the local and state process. Emailing, volunteering time and even money to gay groups you feel can make a difference lobbying our concerns are actions we all can take to get our message across.

We can get through this together. Let's remember, we fought the good cause. But having failed, we're going to fight even harder to achieve what we should have always had, the right to marry.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Exhibitionists. They get you cumming and going

I know some of you go to various events during the year, auto shows, home improvement shows, boat shows, motorcycle shows, etc. The vendors will do their best to intice you into buying stuff you don't normally need. They make a convincing argument and sometimes it works.

I attended a recent motorcycle show that's touring the east coast arenas and convention centers.
The displays there are awesome. The new bikes, be they Harleys or Hondas are really cool. Since it is cold outside and not bike weather, stepping inside these oasises of chrome and metal are like your first orgy. You just don't know where to start looking.

Likewise when you attend various bear and leather events, there are always tables and booths set up by merchants selling their wares. These vendors try to bring the best to these shows and usually succeed. Dungeon vendors are particularly creative. They bring some model boys, buck naked and have them stretched out on a sling. This is tempting eye candy and I know generates a lot of interest and eventual sales. It pays to display the merchandise correctly. WOOF.

If any of you men have attended any events such as these later, you are very welcum to share your observations. A word of caution. Only buy what you need. You can get screwed on price and quality if you buy hastily. So much China leather is arriving here that you better be selective. So don't get screwed this way. In the meantime, big hairy muscle hugs are always here for the asking. Never a charge.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Queer Eye has a sibling spin off

Before I review the newest version of Queer Eye, called "Queer Eye for the Straight Girl", I'd like to comment on the new "Queer Eye" where the Fab 5 help a soldier get ready for his tour in Iraq.

The Fab Five definitely needed several boxes of tissue for this one. Several times the camera caught the guys teary eyed and almost openly weeping. They all seemed to be quite touched in helping Ray and his new bride and their child create both a home and a living memory while he was stationed in the war zone.

This has to have been the most expensive QE ever. They had previously done a wedding, but never a whole home makeover and a wedding. The guys pulled everything they had. Glad to see that Ray didn't have to bother about cooking. Everything was taken care of by the Fab 5.
In the grooming department, they deemphasized "product" for a change and that was refreshing.

This episode was upbeat and touching. It climaxed with the wedding. A perfect way to end the start of the first new episode of the New Year.

Not to be outdone, QE has spun off a sibling, "QE for the Straight Girl", a kind of ladies night out.
Here we got four experts, 3 gay dudes and a lesbian. Each has a task. Robbie Laughlin, "the look", Danny Teeson, "the life", Damon Pease, "the locale" and Honey Labrador "the Lady".
All seemed to work their magic on their first "victim", Nicole, who was celebrating her 30th birthday relucantly, and needed some makeover help in her life. The shows stars interacted well, but not in a whiney way. They indeed helped Nicole to overcome her big 3 oh in style.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

To Moon or Not To Moon, A delicious dilemma that usually brings a smile to many gay men

As you may have read or heard by now, a Minnesota Viking player "mooned" the end zone crowd at Lambeau Field in Green Bay over the weekend. He simulated a moon. Hell, it was fuckin too cold to pull down his tights and long johns to really do it.

Intentionally or unintentionally, mooning has been part of our exhibitionist culture. When I mount my Harley barebutt, I am unintentionally mooning. You see intentional mooning all the time at Gay Pride events and parades. It always gets the crowd going. After all, a great butt sometimes needs air to breathe. Ha, Ha.

Adolescent male fans have been doing this since the 60's I assume to shock opposing players at sporting events, be it football, soccer, whatever the contact or team sport. It does get everyone's attention if only for a brief period.

I can't see all the fuss. Mooning is something that sends a message. It can be an icebreaker and it does no harm. It is definitely a come on and to some, a symbol of bad taste. But hell, a nice butt is something to behold. If you have gone to any movies lately, the male ass has been prominently displayed.

On another note, I have just stumbled upon a news item from A&E cable. A made for cable movie, "Gays on Strike" will begin production shortly for airing on that network. It is described as a comedic telefim about gay marriage. Quoting the source, ""gays on Strike" will focus on a young gay couple who accidently start a strike joined by everyh gay person in America and become poster children for gay marriage." Sounds like a great avenue to promote our cause in a purely light hearted way.

Speaking of hearts, it is never too early to start thinking about Valentine's Day. I will be sharing some ideas in future blogs for you guys to heat up your VD celebrations. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Keeping It Hot Both Beneath and On Top the Sheets

Given the New Year is upon us, you find guys making resolutions to live better lives during this year.

We've all made such resolutions. Losing weight, gaining more definition, reading more, fucking more, etc. These are all well in good and if you made any of them, I am here to support you.

One great way to improve your sex life and that of your partner's is being more responsive in bed.

I find lots of foreplay and giving the other guy the attention he deserves the best way to heat it up in bed.

One particular move you can make early as the two of you are lying in bed is to lay on your side next to him. If he's not already in that position, just pull his shoulder to you. The contour of your body, cock behind his ass, should be parallel to his. Use your facial hair to stimulate the back of his neck. Use your available arm to grip his shoulder. Use your chest fur in contact with his back. Position your throbbing cock gently inside his butt crack and use your leg closest to him to wrap them around his, almost in a lock position. He can be very submissive at this point or be very aggressive trying to break your hold over his body. His response sets the stage for the next moves.

A particular move I also like to make is to get behind the guy while he is either standing up or sitting on the bed. You have to do this quickly. The element of surprise makes the next several seconds particularly erotic. Again you press your hairy chest towards his back as you grip around his waist. If he loves nipple play, you can then extend your hand fingers to caress each nipple. At the same time, your cock his knocking on his back door. You can then move your arms toward his cock area. By then, it is fully erect. You can take it from there.

I hope these techniques are something you can use next time the occasion arises. Keep it hot and woofy. And never forget those big hairy muscle hugs to end the session.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Gay Tibits and Beef Tips

ITEM: Susan Sontag, the famous feminist writer, died recently. The gay press is pointing out that her "official" obituary never mentioned her several female lovers and the fact that she was bisexual. Gay editorials are blasting the mainstream press for hiding yet another famous literary figure who was gay in life but straight in death.

I guess outing a person in death doesn't sound particularly appropriate to some in the mass media. But there is substantial documentation quoting the author that she was indeed, a lesbian.

ITEM: You recall in a past blog my writing about Johnny Rahm, the porn star who was down on his luck and who committed suicide last year. Now Gus Mattox, a hot porn star, is chiming in on the controversey. Gus had been a highly successful member of the Falcon Studio porn men. He left Falcon and is now an independent porn actor, among other pursuits. He commands higher pay for his work, though he admits, porn work hasn't been steady lately.

Gus admits that it would be nice for gay porn stars and other actors in the porn industry to get residual payments for past work. But as he kindly reminds the reader, residuals aren't contained in their contracts and in his opinion, never will be.

So until this changes, we will be reading more about gay porn actors committing suicide in the future. If you'd like to read Gus's comments, click on:

Hoping everyone had a great weekend. Some of us played in the snow while others cuddled by the fire. Keep it warm, cozy and always hard.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Unsung gay heros who enrich our daily lives

With the start of the New Year, the gay press features stories that impacted our lives over the course of the previous year.

No doubt, gay marriage was the No. 1 topic listed. But while that was very important, there were other stories, other causes that weren't mentioned or received scant press coverage.

No one congratulated the behind the scenes guys who make events happen. We tend to forget that it takes considerable time and energy to put on our annual Gay Pride events. These guys organize the booths, talent, reserve the space, venues, sponsor the dances, etc. Without their tireless efforts, there would not be the many Gay Pride celebrations taking place in big cities and small towns almost everywhere in North America.

Also no one gave any big hairy muscle hugs or pats on the back to those guys who volunteer to lobby our national, state, and local representatives to influence them to support issues important to us. These guys stuff envelopes, make calls, put up and distribute flyers, organize events, etc. that get us exposure.

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate these guys for their tireless dedication. It is they who give us these events, who dedicate their lives to making this world and our communities better places to live as gay men. I recognize that sometimes they can get overwhelmed with these causes and more likely than not, burnout. So if you are one of these volunteers, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And big hairy muscle hugs for your efforts.

If any of you have the time to devote to volunteer for gay causes, please do so. These unsung heros deserve our recognition and thanks.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Kinsey is a powerful flick and Peter Saarsgard is sizzling as one of Kinsey's assistants

Kinsey made gay sex acknowledged to the general public. He is the pioneer in recording sexual activity in the US. His various publications recognized that adults practiced more than such "regular" sex. He's the granddaddy to us daddies in terms of recognizing the patterns and practice of gay sex.

The movie accurately portrayed the literature about Kinsey. He himself was a bisexual and because of that, he was able to understand gay sex. The film did not shy away from showing various forms of sex. It should be the standard by which an introduction to sexual behavior is taught.

To us gay men, there are important scenes early on in the film. The most stimulating and lush scene is the movie evolves around Peter Saarsgard's character. He seduces Kinsey into passionate kissing. Peter has a hot bod and shows full frontal several times in the film. He is a fine actor also. So he's not just another pretty face with a great ass and furry chest. I'm surprised that naked shots of him aren't floating around the net by now. WOOF.

A touching moment at the end of the movie is a cameo by Lynn Redgrave who thanks Kinsey for his work about female sex. She found out that she was a lesbian and has found love after being married for many years and a mother. Remember the story continues into the 1950's when sex really wasn't discussed. But by the results of Kinsey's studies, it sure was practiced.

I give this flick 4 very hairy muscle hugs out of 4. It's a movie any top daddy must see.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Kevin Spacey gives a once in a lifetime performance as Bobby Darin in "Beyond the Sea"

During my hiatus from writing this blog, I took in some super flicks during the holidays.

I'll share several of my reviews today and in future blogs.

Our buddy, Kevin Spacey, is so out there as Bobby Darin. If you have seen the film or read about it, he gives the drag performance that only he can.

He gets so into the character. He sings, dances, and is, Bobby Darin.

He also gets some hot hunks to play supporting characters. The publicity man is especially hot.

You can tell from just watching that Kevin really enjoyed himself.

The story is told just like was done in the muscial movie, "Chicago", and it works really well.
Young Bobby Darin is played by a kid actor who is really good. You see the young Bobby interacting with the older Bobby.

The movie really moves and is always interesting.

Another great pic that I saw was Johnny Depp in "Finding Neverland". Here, Depp portrays the author of Peter Pan, James Barrie. Johnny is also in his element here. He is a very good actor, and again, he takes the character into himself and gives a very believable, heartwarming performance.

I give both flicks three very hairy muscle hugs out of a possible four.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Happy New Year. May 2005 be the best yet.

Howdy men. Hoping Daddy Santa was extra special to you this year. As one of his many helpers, I haven't been briefed yet on the final tally.

I realize that 2004 ended in tragedy. The Tsunami in SE Asia that caused so much death and destruction is still very hard to understand. I know you guys have the victims and their families in your prayers and are helping in the recovery every way you can.

I know that this is the time of year to make New Year's resolutions. I resolve to give as many big hairy muscle hugs as physically possible. I also resolve to be a better mentor to all daddies and continue to promote hot safer sex and daddy responsibility.

You guys are truly wonderful men. You make my eyes light up and emotions stir because we are all gay brothers. Together we can do almost anything.

I wish you a wonderful 2005, full of hot responsible sex, accomplishments and happiness.
Big hairy muscle hugs to each and every one of you. WOOOF.