Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Old Porno Flicks and the Mystic Behind Them

Seems that Time Magazine has hit a sentimental chord in its latest issue.

Richard Corliss writes about when porn was good. While he fondly recalls straight porn, the gay reader can learn a bit about how gay porn spun off as well.

These early porno flicks like Deep Throat were shot on film. For at least 20 years, they have been shot on tape for video and now most have found a home on DVD. But before that time, porn was grainy and according to the author, exciting. It was adventurous because it was illegal.

He claims that porn was bloder, weirder, better, had a plot and executed sex like the actors really meant it. There were the stag films of whores and their johns. But things were getting better. There were European imports like the 1969 documentary, "Pornography in Denmark".

It showed penetration, a true signal of a real porn flick. After that, "Mona" a saga about a daughter and a mother. And the recipe started, the boy/girl scene, the girl/girl scene, the orgy scene, and then the kiss-off. This led to other "classics", "Behind the Green Door", "Devil in Miss Jones" and others, mostly shot in New York.

These New York productions, according to the author, were "both slicker and edgier, more professional, as were its actors." One big male porn star at the time, Eric Edwards, had also starred in a Close-Up toothpaste commercial before being spotted in a porn flick. His big claim to fame, was that of Dr. Young, the crazed medical hygienist in "Deep Throat".

Most of these flicks take themselves seriously, something gay porn really doesn't do. There have been rip offs of straight shows in gay porn for decades. Recently one was released as a take off of "American Idol". It didn't even pretend to hide anything. The names used in the video were very close to actual names and the concept followed the script of the show.

I grew up with gay porn in the mid-80's. These were the first flicks that showed a condom being used. You really never saw anyone put one on. It just show up for the fuck scenes. These were the days of the blonde twink, who didn't even want to be kissed. They were pretty pathetic. The likes of Rex Chandler, gay for pay, were the stars of that error. But there were the classics as well out there, but pre-condom like "The Bases are Loaded". These were fun flicks and had the classic gang bang locker room scene which were really incredible.

Today, thank goodness for the success of the Fallen Angels series, gay porn with real hairy muscle men, has found its niche. Will Clark has shown the gay porn industry that you can be a real daddy, in your late 40's and still be sizzling hot in front of the camera. WOOF.

If you have a favorite porn star or flick let me know. Also what was your first gay porn flick that you watched? With the internet, gay porn is more readily available than ever. It has a place in our sex life when we need something quick and non commital for stimulation. But hell, it is never a long term substitute for the real thing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

So What's Your Favorite Easter Treat or Tradition?

For me, nothing says yummy like those Cadbury creme filled Easter eggs. ALL creamy and gooey. Can't be beat.

What I can't stand are those Marshmellow Peeps. Yuck. Why people buy them is beyond me. A real waste of sugar and coloring. Also I hate those hollow chocolate Easter rabbits. Only the ears seem to be solid. Like really licking hard and coming up empty.

I just know that the hunky Easter Bunny will be hopping around with his basket full of creamy treats and making a lot of special visits. WOOOF.

On a sad note, I found out that another act of violence of gay men has hit the news, this time in Santa Fe, NM. This is really surprising because this had been a mecca for gay men and lesbians to enjoy life. Now really nowhere is safe for gay men to express themselves holding hands, kissing, etc. in public.

Second only to San Francisco in the percentage of same-sex households, Santa Fe promotes itself as a vacation and retirement area for gay men and lesbians. But in the current state legislature, there have been motions to ban gay marriage. There was plenty of anti-gay rhetoric and hate speech on the airwaves and in the media.

The victim is now out of the hospital and has not been seen in public. Not the best way to spend the Easter holiday. Unfortunately this won't be the last incident of gay violence that we will read about. We can't ever assume that a place, no matter how it is billed, is totally safe. It's just the way life is for us openly gay men. A really sad commentary.

Friday, March 18, 2005

The 3rd Annual TVLand Awards Recognizes Desperate Housewives as a Future TV Classic

Openly gay, writer, creator, Marc Cherry was honored this past week during the 3rd Annual TVLand Awards. Marc graciously accepted the award, suggesting that those long hours in front of the TV as a gay kid was responsible for this success today. Big hairy muscle hugs to Marc.

The show itself was pretty funny. A skit of a classic version of Desperate Housewives featured Marion Ross as Marcia Cross's character, Brie. That red wig of hers was a hoot. Other classic stars included Joyce DeWitt as Teri Hatcher's character (we found out the real reason how she burned down Nicollette Larson's character's house). Also pulling up the rear was Barbara Eden, Shirley Jones, and Charo as the hootchy coochy Gabrielle character. "Sexy" men portrayed include Abe Bogota, Jerry Mathers (a now freakish, Beaver), and with his shovel in hand, Don Knotts.

Last year's future classic award went to "Arrested Development" which may not make it to its third year. So I hope the award isn't a jinx.

Only Marc as a gay man could have developed a plot based on the twisted behind the curtains look at the comings and goings on Wisteria Lane. Making dirt fun has become an American pastime. That explains all the interest in celebrity trials, gossip shows and of course, blogs.

On another note, it's time for me to strap on the tool belt again this weekend for a do-it-yourself project. Ordered some artificial wall stone which looks like canyon stone and will be mortoring it around a small interior fireplace. It's going to be a one-man job, unfortunately. I'll let you know how it went. Have an enjoyable and safe weekend.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Fab Five hit a Grand Slam when They Makeover 5 Boston Red Sox Players

The Fab 5 paid a visit to the Boston Red Sox training camp in Fort Myers, FL this week to film a special episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to air sometime in June.

Our style gurus, Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley and the "culture vulture" Jai Rodriquez set out to makeover Kevin Millar, Tim Wakefield, Jason Varitek, Doug Mirabelli and Johnny Damon from the 2004 World Series Champions Boston Red Sox.

The producers of the show wanted to contribute funds to an area of Florida worst hit from last summer's series of deadly hurricanes. So with good hearts, the Fab 5 set out to do their stuff and in the course of gay style, are helping 26 kids from the Port Charlotte area live their dreams. Braco executives had secured substantial corporate donations to help rebuild the kids ballfield located in a Port Charlotte city park.

Back to the makeovers, these 5 hunks got individual attention from the Fab 5. From photos on the AP wire, Carson is seen swooning with the players. They all admitted that the players needed their help, but not as much as they had expected. All were given hair styling tips except for Johnny Damon, who had signed a no hair cut contract for a product endorsement.

Carson quipped during the taping, "I love a team named after a fashion accessory." He also wanted to know if he could change the name of the team to the "Pink Sox". Oh brother.

Something else related to studly ball players over the wire yesterday was a piece about former Marlins and current Minnesota Twins catcher, Mike Redmond. Seems that Mike took batting practice naked on numerous occasions two years ago to shake up his former teammates out of a hitting slump. He did so while wearing his 12 pounds of catcher armor. I haven't found any pix of this dude on the net, but there got to be some butt shots somewhere out there in cyber space.

Getting some Spring fever. Hope this tides you guys over until next week. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you guys. Big green hairy muscle hugs.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Muscles Don't Necessarily Make the Gay Man, but They Can Help in His Transformation

Yesterday on the way home from work, I was listening to NPR's afternoon drive home program, "All Things Considered" They had an interesting discussion on male self image. They based part of the piece on a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. The article is titled, "Male Body Image in Taiwan Versus the West:Yanggang Zhiqi meets the Adonis Complex"

While the study focused on 55 heterosexual men, some of the finds apply to us and our self body image. Guys in the US and Europe tend to see themselves wanting to get bigger by say, 25 pounds of muscle. Of course, certain gay men in various Yahoo bodybuilding groups, think the ideal figure is 50 pounds of muscle. As usual, we as a group exaggerate. Personally, if you are under 150 pounds, 25 pounds of muscle is more than adequate to carve definition. Anyone over 200 should try to come down 25 pounds and then build muscle definition appropriately.

In the Taiwanese study, the authors hypothesized that Taiwanese men would exhibit less dissatisfaction with their bodies than Western men and that Taiwanese advertising would place less value on the male body thatn Western media. They consider Western men, especially younger guys to display unrealistic body ideals and that Western advertising seems to place an increasing value on the male body (just think the old Marky Mark Calvin Klein underwear ads).

They concluded that Taiwanese men exhibited significanlty less body dissatisfaction than their Western counterparts. In the magazine study, American magazine advertisements portrayed undressed Western men frequently, but in Taiwanese mags, they rarely portrayed undressed Asian men. In summary, they felt that Taiwanese men appear less preoccupied with the male body image than Western societies.. They felt that 1) Western traditions emphasizing muscularity and fitness as the primary measurement of masculintity; 2) increasing exposure of Western males to muscular male bodies in media images, and 3) greater decline in tradition male roles in the West, leading to greater emphasis on the body as a mesure of masculinity.

I learned a new word in all of this, dysmorphic disorder. The term implies that a guy always feels that his self image or what he sees in the mirror is never too muscular enough. He strives for even bigger muscles, no matter the level of his current muscle development.

You guys know me as one who feels that muscles, while playing an important role in self image, do more for you than what we see on the exterior. A flatter stomach helps a guys ward off stroke. More back muscles help support the spine. Being stronger is a benefit, going overboard is a liability.

Too much of anything is necessarily good. Moderation is best in everything we do for or with our bodies. But if we didn't have muscles, how could we give each other big hairy muscle hugs?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Greg Herren Explains It All

From a previous blog, I wrote about Greg Herren and an anti-gay group which prevented him to speak in front of a suburban Richmond VA high school's gay-straight alliance.

In this week's Washington Blade, Greg explains that he is upset that school officials did not "bother to contact him about the change in plans", the uninvitiation. He also said that his background was misrepresented by emails being circulated.
The Virginia Family Policy Network instituted an email campaign characterizing Greg as a "gay porn" writer.

Greg states that he was planning on talking about bieng a professional writer and not talk about sex. Greg further states that by cancelling his visit, it sends out the message to students that "it isn't OK to be gay".

As a result of all this media attention, it was noted that many parents and other community members have stepped forward to offer support to the Gay-Straight alliance.

I am sure that we will read more about this as well as similiar situations.

In other news, I heard that a San Francisco judge has ruled that California's marriage laws discriminate against same sex unions. So maybe something will evolve from the judge's ruling. Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Food Porn: When Your Taste Buds are Graving for Something Different

We have talked occasionally about how food and sex can be enjoyable ingredients during playtime.

Now a web site takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to food. Click on or to get some ideas. Note these sites aren't gay oriented, but are helpful in their own way.

If you are a mushroom lover, there are some photos of truly hot penis shaped mushrooms that inspire some pleasurable enjoyment. Also the site is chock full of sauces and other recipes that will pleasure both your pallet and your horny desires.

I have also found surfing the net a site which is devoted to pointing out, "What were they thinking when they shot this stuff." Click on

The site has various categories including one titled, "food fight". The site is new, so there aren't a whole lot of entries. But it's a fun click if you feel like chillin out and are looking for something totally mindless.

This whole discussion is getting my taste buds horny. I got some ice cream in the freezer that I especially love. I think I'll get my ice cream scooper and make myself a hard mansize cone and get some licks in. "See" you guys later.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Greg Herren, author of gay murder mystery novels, was uninvited to speak at a Richmond, VA area high school

If you have been following Virginia politics lately, the state has gone on record as being the most gay unfriendly state in the US. The tourism slogan, "Virginia is for Lovers" does not apply to gay men and lesbians. They are being silenced and politically tortured. To read more about this, click on

Greg Herren was invited to speak in the school cafeteria twice to students of this Richmond area high school. Greg is a hot daddy and a gifted writer. His most famous books include "Murder in the Rue Dauphine and Bourbon Street Blues featuring a gay hero Scotty Bradley, an openly gay personal fitness trainer. The books are fun reads, light and never dull.

But an antigay group raised such a stink that his invitation was withdrawn. Some bloggers claimed that he would show up in a leather harness and cock ring to read selections from his book. This is farther from the truth.

It's a shame that free speech was again shown the front door. No matter whether he gave his readings in a school or a bookstore, Greg would have been hounded.

While I hope this issue is laid to rest, I feel that Greg was unjustly and unfairly treated. Hopefully a college audience in the future will be priviledged to hear and see him in person.
His message is one that gay guys can do anything they set out to do, even solve murders.

His sexy, hot character, Scotty, might best be used to illustrate to young gay men that you can be hot, have a meaningful life, and play safe. Maybe even the cover model could make personal appearances along with Greg to actually demonstrate putting on a condom.

I am sure Greg feels burned by all this bad press. He really deserved better treatment.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, A Smashing Success

From all the news articles,
almost a half million spectators and party goers turned out to watch the 28th annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade last Saturday evening, more than double last year's crowd.

Last year's parade was a low point in the parade's history. It almost died after that parade because of financial problems. The New Mardi Gras co-chair, Mark Orr said that the even was a great success, stating, "We are back for good."

He says that there is great renewed interest in the group's events and in the parade over the February/March warm weather season. "We have had a very succfessful festival. So the only way is up really."

Oxford Street, Sydney's main street in the cities' Darlinghurst section, was lined with cheering spectators. The crowd was reported to be generally well behaved. Over 20,000 tickets were sold for the "Party" which is held at another site after the parade.

As usual the Dykes on Bikes joyfully started the parade, as they have traditionally done for the last 18 parades.

The fun of this parade are the political floats including one depicting a mock marriage between Prime Minister John Howard and G.W. Shrub Bush as bride and groom. The Prime Minister later appeared as a very long snake.

On another float, the mock Prime Minister chased a mock Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone around some dancing superheroes called the Incredigays. Hot muscle saves the day.
Other highlists included the mock marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. That alone must have been a hoot.

Some well oiled hot bodies participated in the parade as well as a sea of hot muscle later at the "Party", it was reported. WOOF.

So I am very happy to report that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has reemerged as a strong tradition in Australia. If you had always planned to go, next year is the time to do it.
You won't be disappointed. Just remember to book a room on the Oxford St. parade route early and make sure you have tickets to the after parade party. It's something every gay man should do at least once in his life.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Should Sexually Active HIV positive Gay Men who Bareback intentionally to inflict their Partners be held Financially Responsible for their Actions?

There is a growing debate recently both in the blog world and on various web sites that HIV positive gay men are behaving recklessly by barebacking and having unprotected sex.

I have continued to preach in this blog that it is the responsibility of the Top man to play safely and do so unconditionally.

Dan Savage, who writes, Savage Love, a column found in many weekly papers including the Village Voice, has come up with an idea for stopping this practice where it hurts most, in the wallet.

Dan proposes that the HIV positive man who is reported to have practiced unsafe barebacking and is spreading HIV be held financially accountable for his actions. He would pay one half of all treatment costs for the guy he inflicted. These funds would be deposited into an overall account to finance the cost of the cocktail drugs now out there to treat HIV and AIDS.

Dan comes down hard on these irresponsible HIV positive gay men. Quoting him, "If this asshole is smart enough to sue the Internet to line up sex dates, he's smart enough to know that it's wrong to give someone else HIV. " He's suggesting that We as a society, scold and punish people who amliciously and/or negligently infect other people with HIV.

I agree with Dan that maybe this drug support payments would act as a determent, and hopefully, cut down on barebacking for the sake of inflicting others with HIV. A lot of people don't want to continue paying for these drugs with their hard earned tax dollars.

You can see with the declining public interest in AIDS walks and that the focus has now shifted away from compassion. After all HIV has been know for a generation. What we didn't know 20 years ago, we do know now.

I'd like to know your feelings on this controversy. To learn more about this discussion, check out Dan's website,

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Which TV shows, in your opinion, have "Jumped the Shark" this season?

If you happened to catch last month's "Happy Days 30th Reunion" special, you might have heard Gary Marshall, the show's creator and producer, talk about the Fonzie episode where he water skis over a supposed shark in the water and saves the day.

"Jumping the Shark" has become an urban legend to identify a TV program that has produced such a far fetched episode, alienating its viewers, and going down the path towards cancellation.

As Gary pointed out, that episode in an early season of the series didn't effect the show, since it went on and on for 10 seasons.

This year, I feel that last week's episode of "Monk" has "Jumped the Shark" If you happened to have watched the episode, "Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas", you noticed some perculiar traits about the character which wasn't the Monk of previous episodes. While he uses his sleeved elbow to press the "up" button on the elevator in the casino lobby, he later touches the inside thumb print screen without asking for his trademark, handwipe. He later plays poker and actually touches the chips without asking for handwipes. His unwashed hands seem to be grabbing everything and anything in this episode. Even with the Sharona character leaving the series, I feel that for Monk fans, this episode is definitely the one that sends the series to a probable cancellation further down the road.

Other series such as Judging Amy, have already Jumped the Shark when her character leaves her potential husband at the alter. Boston Legal, however, has not Jumped the Shark. It has reversed the course of the Practice and, has become, in my opinion, a very watchable program.

I hope that Desperate Housewives can resist Jumping the Shark. We have two studs who find themselves liking to "play" with each other and last week we're caught by Teri Hatcher's character together in the neighbor boy's swimming pool.

Feel free to nominate the program or programs you feel have Jumped the Shark. Also check out,

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Your Gaydar: Fuzzy or Crystal Clear?

Whenever you see a hot guy in a public place, you ask yourself, Is he or isn't he?

We've all have believed that we possess a certain 6th sense that can spot one of our own kind.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

For me, I've been wrong in my guesses sometimes, but most times, I've been right on target.
I find that if I smile and the smile is returned, I'm heading in the right direction. If guys are partnered and are hanging out together walking the mall or other place, most times I am correct in my assumption. Also the type of look, beard and dress, such as leather vest and jeans, also leads me to the right conclusion. But not always.

Reading various blogs, straight guys and women claim that they have the power to pick us out in a crowd. Aside from the obvious, I doubt if they have such receptive power. These bloggers are spreading hate over the net and perceive almost everyone who isn't like them to be gay.

However you got to use your gaydar or you can seriously find yourself losing this power.
If you'd like to share your own observations, please do. After all, we're here, we're queer and we're everywhere.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Macy's Macy's Everywhere. Gobble, Gobble

By now you may have read or heard that Federated Department stores, parent of Macy's and Bloomingdales has agreed to purchase the May Department store chain. This move had been rumored for several weeks and discussions had been off and on during that time.

What it means to you and I as gay consumers remains to be seen. Immediately it impacts shopping center owners who have both Macy's and a May DS as tenants. It will also affect the employees of May DS in their stores and headquarters.

My take on this is that most of those venerable May DS names such as Robinson's, Filene's, Strawbridge's, Hecht's and Famous-Barr will no longer be around. They will be converted to Macy's. In the end, this will make Macy's the largest department store chain in the country.
I'm guesstimating about 700 Macy's names will front various stores across the country.

Macy's until this time was not a real national chain like Sears Holdings and JC Penney. It can now successfully compete in one national advertising campaign and compete for the bottom line against chains such as Kohl's.

So when the dust settles, in many malls and communities, there will only be one major department store, Macy's, with two store fronts in many of these malls. ALso some cities like Milwaukee and Pittsburgh will finally be getting a Bloomingdales. Macy's itself will be coming to many smaller cities in the Midwest and Mid-South for the first time and returning to the heartland after pulling out of the Kansas City area years ago.

So when we see Santa in his huge float at the Macy's parade, it will finally have a major impact in sales for the chain on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. What a wallop that will be. Should be having an impact on ScumMart as well.

So when you need a cool pair of jeans or some hot outfit for going out, Macy's will be cloning its look across America. Big city boys, watch out. Your cute country cousins are catching up. You will no longer be the one's setting fashion trends and wearing the latest threads. That's what I call a major change in fashion.