Friday, October 29, 2004

Our Kindred Spirit is our rallying cry

There seems to be a common thread between these last posts.

Since I've started this blog, I've met many bearmen. We've read each other's blog and commented on each other's blog.

Top bearmen, in particular, I find to be very nurturing, caring, level headed and damn persuasive.

We also are very open with each others and don't have any difficulty sharing our feelings.

I never want any of us to get too down on ourselves. We are here for each other. We have a very involved support group which casts a very wide net.

That's why I started this blog. I'm here for you.

That's why it is so very important, especially in Oregon, Minnesota and Ohio to get out the vote.
We can make a difference this Tuesday. There are ballot questions which approved, can hurt us.

We want what everyone else has. We want to be legally recognized in our relationships. But there are those out there who never want this to happen. So we got to do something about it.

We can demonstrate to others that we care about what happens to us. Make sure you vote on Tuesday.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Curse of the Bambino has been lifted, giving renewed hope to us all

By now, you may have read or heard that the Boston Red Sox have won the 2004 World Series.
After 86 years, they have won the big one, which eluded them because the Team felt cursed after trading Babe Ruth away to the New York Yankees.

That happened long before anyone of us were around. But that's just the problem with society.
It holds on to stuff passed down generationally. People tend to believe passionately in it, even though it isn't true. The fact of the matter is, the Red Sox finally put together a winning team.

Things like that imbedded in culture are hard to change. We, as musclebears, daddies, muscle cubs, are perceived by some to be out of the mainstream of gay culture. We tend to follow a very different drummer than other gay men. So what? We are a subculture who loves who and what we are. But before we can convince other gay men of that, and society in general, we have to do some self examination.

I feel that there is nothing we can't overcome. We are natural motivators. We tend to think more with our heart, which isn't a bad thing. We may over rationalize situations. But we want to accomplish things. We sometimes can be very stubborn. And sometimes we get down on ourselves, which can be very unproductive.

So should we change? Hell NO. However we should continue to make life better for all gay men.
We know right from wrong. We don't want anyone to be unhappy. In our tender but forthright way, we can make a difference. I feel that other gay men are becoming both intrigued and someone jealous of who we are. We have to continue our growing presence in gay culture.

Personally, I find myself being more driven to this cause. I don't want to see any bearman unhappy. He has to find happiness under his pelt. Bears are very special gay men. So when you're not quite happy with who you are, embrace yourself and get motivated. Learn what gives yourself pleasure, sexually or otherwise. Take time for yourself before you can give yourself to another man.

We are not cursed. We are blessed. So next time you see someone in the bar or in the bookstore a little down, smile in his direction. If you know the guy and he seems not his usual self, give him a warm bear hug. Let's become change agents and let society know how wonderful we are.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Howling at the Harvest/Hunter's Moon

Are you feeling extra horny this week? Blame it on the Harvest/Hunter's Moon.

It plays tricks and treats on us fuzzy guys. We love the excitement of the hunt, and if we have to growl to get our man, so be it.

There will be extra cries of WOOOF, WOOOOF, everywhere. With that extra hour of pleasure this weekend, we will make the most of it.

So guys, beware. We can't control our urges. What will come over us is passionate lovemaking, pursuit and pleasure. You will know our intentions by just looking into our eyes.

Musclebears everywhere, act out those impulses. Get up close and personal. Suck his face and then use the pickup line, "I can't control myself, it's the full moon pulling me to you." And God, if he buys that, then you got a playmate for life.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dance Floor Attitude-The Leather Circuit

We gay men love to party. And where better a way to get to know other musclebears is the party circuit.

I've been to several over the years. The Black and Blue Leather Ball in Montreal is the premier leather themed circuit party. But there are others which don't necessarily cater to leathermen.

You can find most of them on as well as

Ones I also enjoy are Mr. Leatherman in Toronto, CA held on Thanksgiving Weekend, Southern Decedance in the Big Easy, and the MidAtlantic Leather Weekend held annually on Dr. Kings Birthday weekend. This is the big feeder for Mr. IML. And IML, on Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, is the granddaddy of leather circuit party weekends. WOOF

These are hot places to meet hot men. But it seems that some guys don't know their places when they get on the dance floor. Be ware of the jealous queens. I hate to see deliberate crowding out on the dance floor. This kind of attitude just sucks big time.

Why do guys bring their attitude to these events? Mainly, if they aren't having a good time, they try to ruin it for other guys. Somehow I wish these guys would check their bad attitude at the front door upon arriving.

The thrill of going to these events is the rush when you finally get up to the doorman and get in.
You feel a rush after all the anticipation.

The ritual we all have is heading for the checkroom, then to the men's room, then to the bar, and then to the dance floor to check out the action. About an hour into it, we're on the dance floor, shirts off, and dancing our hearts out.

So next time you run into a queen who doesn't want to back off and is jabbing your ribs with his far flung elbows, just grab him by the neck and give him one of your "Don't Fuck with Me, Sir" looks. You'll be doing yourself and the rest of the guys who are there to party a very big favor.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Pretty Damn Cool

You know what I think is pretty damn cool: goatees.

Guys who wear goatees make a statement. They define themselves as guys who you'd like to hang around. . . Guys who are cool without having the latest gadgets or the latest anything.

These fuzzy guys can be the silent types, who profess that actions speak louder than words.

They will surprise, almost always for the better.

They are composed, strong, with inner strength and not bull shit attitude.

They don't have to be in your face, because they are cool. Being in your face isn't cool.

You can trust these guys. They become your best friends, lovers, fuck buddies. They are the eternal Bobby Darin. So next time you're out cruising, hit on a goatee guy. You won't be sorry.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Doing Today What You Should Have Done Yesterday

Could of, should of. Words that apply to just about all of us.

Why do we put things off? We procastinate about an HIV test.

NEVER, NEVER postpone anything related to health issues. You are very important to me. I want to reverse the pain and suffering of the last 20 years. So studs, take the test and let your partners know your status. Be a man and make us Daddies proud.

We put off working out or going on a diet. Again, I can't tolerate wimps who say that they love being fat, ugly, and gross. That's such a lame excuse. Get your ass off the chair and hit the floor. Try 6 sit ups and 6 push ups. If you can do that, then I can turn you into a hot guy. All it takes is dedication and the desire. If you don't have that, then don't ever wish again for someone else's hunky body. And guys, if I ever catch you stealing the photo identity of someone who is hunky and sacrifices his daily life for making the world a better gay place for all of us, I'll personally embarrass you until you wish you were a real ugly toad.

So make TODAY the DAY that you will start changing your life. Don't ever proscatinate again. Do what you set out to do and complete the task. Put everything you got into it. Be a better Daddy. It's more that just drilling your cock into someone's asshole. Be a sexy and feeling bottom, not just a asshole spread eagle.

Aim to get better, stronger, sexier, hotter. If you need help, just ask. But don't whine and do nothing. And VOTE on November 2nd. Our lives as we know it depend on defeating the Defense of Marriage Amendment and everyone who supports it.

Those who know me know that I would rather have people just be happy and be left alone. But even I can see an ugly, evil force out there who wants to permanently shut the closet on gay rights and throw away the key. So if everyone does his part, then we can win.

I love you men. You make being a Daddy a pleasure. Just do your part and never put off doing today what you really should have done yesterday.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

If you love him let him know

When was the last time you told your man that you loved him?

If you can't remember, then it's time for some soul searching.

Love has to be unconditional. But never, never, take it for granted.

Do you love him or are you in love with him? These are two separate issues.

Being in love is wonderful. You see things in a different perspective. And that may be part of the problem. You find yourself making passionate love, but do you really love him?

There isn't any litmus test for determining degrees of love. Yes, you would do anything for him.
But is there still that burning desire, that tingle, that sparkle?

If you are really in love in him, let him know it. Send him roses, buy him something whimsical. Leave love notes and cards under his leather pillow. And tell him verbally. This never happens enough in gay male relationships. He is your past, present and future. Live through him and with him. Make the most of every moment. Grab him, hold him, lay him on the kitchen island, and make passionate love to him. Be spontaneous. Show your love.

But if you can't or won't do this, maybe you should be questioning your love for him.
If you love him, let him know, but if don't just let him go. Breaking up is hard to do.

Relationships endure because of committment, most often of the financial kind. You jointly own your home, other things. There is entanglement. But if it isn't working, then you need to reevaluate the relationship.

I never want to see relationships break apart. But there has to be fire, passion, excitement.
Show him that you love him each and every day, if you still feel the spark. Rekindle the way it used to be. You're the top man and you have to make this happen.

Never stop expressing your love. If you don't, you will fall out of love and committment.
I want you to live the book of life writing wonderful chapters about great sex, devotion, adventure and love. Keep it real, but never forget to say, "I love you."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Manhunt: The Shakedown

So Kevin Peake is the embedded model. Big shit. I wish one of the guys wipes that shitty grin off his face.

If you get any of the International Male catalogs, his mug is on the last issue, modeling a grey knit boxer. You might not recognize him. It must have been an old photo shoot. He didn't have the set of pecs he has now. But that grin is undenialably his. That's why he mentioned during his "outing" that he had been second runner-up in an IM modeling competition.

Anyway, 4 guys were eliminated, not before some hijinks involving Peake and Tate. More high drama than fucking. Sluts are sluts, whatever sex you are.

Three rooftop photoshots were set up. Most of the guys were set up for the first one.
The "model" du jour was Marisa Miller. I never heard of her, but after all, she won't interest me.

Another set of guys lined up to have Marisa lie in their laps. Big thrill. Anyway Blake and Casey were shown the shaft for their photos did not make the grade according to the judges.

From the first photoshot setup, John Stallings and Brett D were told that they didn't have it.

Really no loss here. Hoping 4 more go home next week as well as someone ramming a hot rod up Peake's ass. He'd probably like that, so never mind.

I hope that the producers stop with the overkill and keep it on the models, and definitely show more skin.

They are trying hard not to make it too gay. But if they do that, they will be alienating both target groups: women and gay men. Maybe "He's a Lady" will feature men more like us.
Will keep you posted.

What is best about the same sex?

Funny you should ask that. Just because we are most familiar with our male bodies, doesn't mean that we know everything there is to know about our male lover, partner, friend, fuck buddy, slave.

I feel that I can find at least one great attribute about another guy. Be it his warm smile, eyes, great bod, sweet cheeks (all four of them), hands, legs, sexy forehead, whatever. But besides the superficial, there are traits that I feel certain guys have. If they are a great listener and can carry a conversation, then that is a great attribute. This might sound biased but I have always found furry faced guys to be better listeners. Also facial hair brings out something about the quality of kissing. It feels much better with a cushion of fuzz.

So we got the same plumbing. That seems what binds us. And maybe for the better. Who can fuck better, kiss better, give a better blow job? Guys know what other guys feel. We should be thankful for that.

So next time you see a guy who you don't know, give him a quick lookover, and decide, what is his best feature. You will find something to like. Whatever beast lies inside, will be something you'll have to explore another time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Blind Dating: It's not an act of desperation.

We've all gone on blind dates. We think the internet has, somehow, eliminidated the pitfalls of blinddating. To the contrary. We might know what the other guy may look like at some point in time, but it's barely an improvement over the days of personals and being matched up by friends.

Today, it seems that even more is at stake. So how does a guy who wants to hook up with other guys, yeah, for a possible relationship, wade through this mess.

A popular internet hook-up site is You can definitely get action there and meet local/area guys. Again it relies on the honor system, and that, is something that goes with the territory. Lying before a first date should be clear to everyone is either an accepted norm or the number one reason for dropping this guy before the after dinner coffee gets cold.

The Number One rule for such partner exploration is always to meet at a public, neutral site. If the meeting goes well, then you too can take that next step. But if it doesn't, then you have an excape route.

The lie is so deceitful, that you feel ambushed as you begin to put together the pieces.
I found myself doing the blind date thing when I first moved into a new area. It seems like the right course to take. The bars are fine, but the probability of cruising is limited in scope.
So you can find more guys faster through the net. Never, never, go into this with eyes wide shut. You can get stung.

I can remember several bad blind dates. But the one that sticks out most, is the one that I had where the guy said that he was in his early 40's. I had a photo of him, but I will never figure out, where he got it. This guy had the road map of China printed on his face. This guy was so old that he was beyond his expiration date. Talk about day old buns, make his fossils.

How could anyone be so deceitful? Well, once a liar, always a liar. With so much going on first impressions, gay guys seem like peacocks. Yea, we want cock, but we want it connected to a pleasing package. Again, you am, what you am. Lies have a way of catching up with you. So beaware of the scam artists, and never lower yourself to such depths.

Take these bad blind dates as life experiences. But don't let this shit frustrate you. As I have always said, make the most of a bad situation. But first get your own house in order. Once you got that done, then expand your horizons. That special guy is out there, even if you have to encounter some very ugly toads along the way to finding your prince charming.

Monday, October 18, 2004


You've got tickets to your college homecoming weekend. You're in your twenties and found love. You might not have been out to your college friends. You would like to see them again, but this time, you are a couple. You have reservations about what to do.

You must bring the boyfriend and if you have to explain to the dense, you do so. Other wise you introduce your boyfriend as your partner, and read their faces and listen to their tone of voice. If they were your friends before, they will still be your friends after that.

I like homecoming. I wasn't active on campus and didn't have a circle of friends. But I enjoyed college life. Having gone to college exposed me to who I am. It gave me the intellect to sort things out and feel comfortable as a queer man. So I have to thank the college experience for helping ease the transition.

So look at those tight buns as the quarterback tries to connect with his wide receiver down field. Enhale the excitment of the game and the ceremony, the events, the parties. Hold your partners hhand and be thankful for the moment. It's one of life's many cherish moments. Experience and enjoy.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Biggest Pet Peeve I have is anyone questioning why we are queer

If you watched the debate the other night, one question that caught my attention was why we are queer. This question seems to always surface.
I guess it continues to be debated because for some in society, they would rather have us stay in our emotional closet and never live out our lives.
We are because we are. We weren't kidnaped into a secret cult. We weren't brainwashed. We are born queer and that, sir are the facts.
Would I change my sexual preference? Never, even if it was offered. Because that would change me. I am who I am, and I have made the best out of a great situation.
We are unique in the human kingdom because we have traits of both sexes. We can take better care of ourselves than heteros because we have this 6th sense. We are better prepared for life's challenges. It's when we focus too much on one part of our lives that we become limited and weaker.
I want you today to celebrate your gift. Do something queer that pleases you. Give as many muscle bear hugs as you can. If you are in a relationship, please your partner like it is your last sexual experience on earth. If you are looking for true love, then put forth your absolute best effort and go for it. If you are in the closet, come out and enjoy the experience, but do it on your own terms, not someone elses.
So the next time you hear this question, you may want to answer, "This is who I am, and what fuckin right do you have to judge me." You'll feel better for it.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

National Coming Out Day

I started these blogs last month because it helps me to live as a gay man. It helps me to evaluate my life, my experiences, my aspirations.
It isn't easy being gay. But we are gay men. We face shit everyday that doesn't see fair.
Life has been better for us because we are out. But how to do it, and to what extent, is an individual choice. Whatever you decide, make dam sure that you come out to yourself first and foremost. You need to be comfortable inside your skin before you let others in. Once you can accept yourself as gay and be happy with it, the hardest part is behind you.
Once you join the tribe, you make the shots. It is a different world, juggling the straight world with the gay world. Be yourself. You will find acceptance when it is important. Not all will accept you. You have to be able to live with that. Just make sure that you are comfortable being who you are, not what you think others want you to be.
You have choices. Coming out to family, friends, co-workers, it all depends on you and your situation. It is always a tough decision. No two ways of coming out are ever the same.
But coming out is the best decision you will ever make as a gay man. There is a support group.
By reading this blog, you already have found someone who knows what it is like to live openly and proud. If you ever need someone to talk to as a sounding board, please let me know.
A lot of us have had to go through it. Mine was somewhat difficult, but if I had to do it over again, I wouldn't hesitate. I am a happy gay man who wants to share his experiences with other gay men, open or about to come out. It is the right thing to do. Living a lie hurts everyone, especially yourself. You are a great guy. Come out. You've got plenty of company.

Car Ride Home: When Silence isn't Golden

You and your boyfriend have established a bond. You feel that things are going well. You head out in his car for another wonderful date. Everything seems fine. You have a nice dinner and see a movie.
On the ride back, there's silence. Should you read anything into it?
Silent car rides may indicate several things. Both of you may be thinking about your relationship. When to take that next step.
A new relationship has its pitfalls and its growing pains. You are both learning about each other.
You may think things are going well, but there maybe underlying problems you haven't noticed.
Silent car rides home, if they become frequent, may indicate something may change course.
If you love him, even with his faults, then your relationship can survive. But if things below the surface are lurking, this continued silence may be more serious than either one of you may admit.
Will one boot drop? Don't let it happen if you want this to work. Hold his hand. Non verbal gestures can mean a lot. Play both of your favorite music on the ride home, if there is silence.
Or start a conversation. Nothing heavy, mind you, but try to inforce your committment.
But if things aren't working, NEVER, NEVER bring it up to him on the car ride back home.
And if, heaven forbid, you are thinking about severing your relationship, NEVER do it during the car ride back.
There is never a right time to drop the bomb. We all have had to make that decision. It's never easy. You may see that coming, you may not. But there are warning signals. We all look back after the fact, and we can almost always identify that turning moment. Was it the silent car ride home? It all depends. If it's worth saving, invest your energy doing it. If it isn't, make a clean break. We all have to or have had made that decision. But it's just a passage of gay male relationships. You can survive. Life goes on. Make yourself happy. You're a stud and if this guy doesn't appreciate you, another guy will. And the dating cycle continues.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Manhunt: The Sweet Sixteen

The producers of "Manhunt" wasted no time cutting out 14 guys. And what a shame.
Some of these dudes were very hot. But apparently, were judged to not have that look, whatever that is.

Let's go to the videotape. The first shots of the guys lay the ground work for the show. We're shown how the auditions came about, and how the lucky 30 were chosen. They meet their host, Carmen Electra, who is ok, but sometimes really dense. I would rather have had a daddy master, but this isn't my show. How that would have shaken up some of these guys.

So within the first fifteen minutes, 10 guys are gone. You see glimpses of them, and quickly are told their first names. Anyway, the 20 remaining are kinda shocked about what just happened, and the on camera comments begin.

When they regroup, the audience is introduced to each one individually, Kevin Olson, 25, construction worker, Tate Arnett, fitness consultant, ( there are several fitness trainers in the group), Brian Bernie, waiter, Rob Williams, law student, Casey Ward, personal trainer, Matthew Lauter, the "baby" of the group, student; John Stallings, clerk, Ron Brown, the openly gay sales clerk, Seth Whaler and Jason Pruitt, also Jon Josson, an astro physics student (several are selected to try to disprove the stereotype, all brawn, no brains), Micah La Certe, personal trainer, Blake Peyrot, student, Hunter Daniel, lifeguard, Paulo Rodraiguez, who was a size 38, down to size 32 waist, Maurice Townell, salesman, Brett Deprue, ex Mormon minister, ex Chippendale dancer, now Las Vegas real estate agent; Sean Russell, student, Corey Weeks, steak house host, and Keven Peake, club promoter and odds on favorite, who is creating jealousy among some of the contestants.

Of course with these types of shows, the guys are taken to a remote location. Here an airstrip. There they meet Bruce, former model and their so called den dad. Bruce has the makings of a hot daddy, but takes this boot camp stuff a little too over the edge, and he seems like a bad drill instructor in a bad gay porn flick. He needs more acting lessons.

He explains that he will be eliminating four of them and calls out the first four names. All are shocked when the four guys names are called out. Then the first of many twists. He says that these guys will stay along with the rest of the names he calls out. Four will go home.

Like the rest of these shows, the camera's close in as the guys are selected and the remaining guys pace, fret, and sweat. At the end of this so called torture, Brian, Sean, Micah and Casey Ward are eliminated. Micah, who I had picked, is steamed, so are the others.

Then the guys are told to strip down, and Bruce gives them the first over. After some critiquing, they each are given Calvin knit boxers. You next see them walking down the airstrip in their CK's. So it seems natural that the next scene shows them tandem skydiving in their CK boxers. This could be a porn flick, but I digress. After that excitement, they are put through their paces, modeling expressions. Here Bruce is again critiquing them. As a parting gift as they head back to their digs, they each are given their very own modeling bag, complete with CK undershirts, RayBan aviators, Nair for Men and hair products.
The next scene shows them at an Armani Exchange, AX store, where they each select their outfits. This shows Kevin Peake being more of a pain in the ass. Anyway, some of the guys notice his moves. He's there to impress. He wants this really bad.
After getting their clothes, they return to their home base hotel, where they get dressed for some partying. This is pretty lame, along with the 1 am curfew and the staging of the ending scene.

Two females are sneeked into the model's sleeping area. They are in the large bathroom area. Bruce announces curfew and that no women are to be present. They are caught on camera, and the cliffhanger, who are the models in the bathroom with the models. Yet another twist is reavealed. One of the contestants is really a model and a spy. Big woop. So that guy is planted to report back to the judges. This episode ends with cumming attractions. Which guys are getting on with the females? The guys have a rooftop shoot and accusations flare which may jeopardize the rest of the series. Oh my!!! Stay tuned.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Manwich, when you got a hankering for prime beef

So you're done eating, but you're still not satisfied.

What's a growing guy to do. Order in a Manwich.

Manwichs cum with all kinds of condiments and are prepared to order.

It's better than homecooking and so tasty, too.

Take one hot hairy musclebear daddy, booted and some leather accessories, add
one hot hairy bottom musclecub, and place yourself in the middle.

Let the muscle daddy insert his pickle for flavor, and have the musclecub serve up a big helping of hot jizz in your mouth.

Savor the moment and order more to go. Take outs are available upon request.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

FlipFlopping: The Big Switch

I'm a member of Tribe, and a few of the recent postings on the WOOF tribe have dealt with role reversal and true tops.

Some guys like to leave their options open. They may identify themselves as 90 percent top or 50 percent active. I'm guessing that these guys like to work both sides of the fence, so to speak.

I guess some guys can be versatile , but are they really good at it. There comes a time when you just got to decide what role you prefer.

While it may depend on the moment, a true top is always active, period. There are no grey areas. For me, if I was passive, upon penetration, I would lose it completely. No hardon, no sex drive.

But when I'm ready to fuck, I'm ready. There's no doubt about it, I'm a top.

But for those guys who like variety, then by all means explore both views. Maybe someone who tops occasionally can really be a great bottom because he knows what's it's like being the dominant.

If it is true that true tops are in short supply, then any bottoms who can rise to the occasions as tops are most welcomed.

Maybe role reversal is not such a bad thing, given the moment. If you can switch your role playing on and off, by all means, continue.

We top daddies are in short supply and the more of us, the better it is for bottoms .

Just keep it safe and hot and your bottom will be cumming back for more and more.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Beef! Pork! Chicken! It's a matter of taste.

So what's on your plate tonight?

You have your preferences. It's hump day and you got the urge to get laid.

But you are graving for something satisfying. Someone who will feed that hunger.

You're very oral. So what makes your mouth water?

You're probably a pork guy. You like your man well hung and carrying that extra something.
Sex for you is sucking and getting fucked. You like "the other white meat" because it is both filling and desirable. There's always a supply, but not always fresh. But beggers can't be choosy.

Other guys crave for chicken. I, for one, could never understand that. Even when I was chicken, I would hate the advances of older guys. Chicken hawks are very discriminate in their tastes, I have observed. This can't be good, and these guys have a fetish that can consume them, leading to paid sex, one night stands, and that craving for guys always younger, way younger, than they are. I'm here not to judge and I'm not getting into the pedofile shit. That's just dam wrong and a part of the gay rainbow that is tainted. But these guys are part of our club,always have, always will.

I, myself, like beef. It's what's for dinner tonight. Firm pecs, nice cheek butts, pumped biceps.
These are turn-ons for me. But I wouldn't starve if I didn't find a particular cut. I like mine sauteed with some nice fur. And never marinated in colonge or cigar smells. I respect guys who require these garnishments. But for me, some beef, tender and juicy, gets me started.

So guys, explore your palet. You might like variety, but then, you have your standbys.
You are what you eat. But do so in moderation and remember to always wear that bib. Juices are meant to be contained. After all, top men, you are filling your partner's inner sanctum, not screwing a beast. We won't get into that here.

Enjoy and bon appetit.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gentle Ramblings

This blogging thing is really cool. I find myself composing thoughts in my mind for my next blog while I'm working out, showering, and driving. What I think about, depends on the situation.

When I'm showering, I think about sex. I'm soaping up my ass and cock and thinking: "What about writing about types of lubricants or two shower heads or climaxing?"

When I'm working out, various themes come to mind. How about focusing about a specific body part to concentrate on. Guys like to develop their pecs, tone their abs, develop their thighs. Since I am a dedicated weight trainer, I know I can help guys with their workout routines.

When I'm driving, I think about relationships, why they start, why they change, why they dissolve. I'm always driven to the "we" factor. Guys may hook up to have sex, but what gay men want most is stability. That comes with commitment. Having that hunky chest to snuggle up to, making "we" decisions, coupling; well that's something that quite doesn't come naturally. We all know the mechanics of sex, but sometimes never figure out the workings of a relationship.

Sometimes I wish we all came with an owner's manual. Somehow that would make life easier. But it would sure take the fun out of spontaneity, exploring the unknown, and trial and error. We humans are a flawed species. We learn from experience. That's why I'm here, to share my experience.

I blog, therefore I am.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Manhunt: The search begins. A preview

What we've all been waiting for, the new Manhunt on Bravo.

One of the hottest models is Micah. WOOOF. Hot 6 pack. He's 25 and hot.

Another stud is Kevin P. Great set of pex. He's 22 from Ft. Lauderdale and is a club promoter.

Brian also packs a super set of pex.

The sad thing here, however, that all the dudes are shaved. Too bad. Some of them would be so much hotter if they left some fuzz on their pex. Too much Playgirl, not enough gRUFF.

So guys, update your TiVO and set a season pass for Manhunt.

I'll be posting updates as the guys are phased out, and of course, with opinions and comments.

You know, how much better this show would be if a Daddy made the selections, giving each boy a nipple lick or tug, with the unlucky one getting a butt spank. Now, that's what I call a real Manhunt.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Daddies picks the hottest 2005 gay male nude calendars

The selections this year arriving at various gay bookstores and online are interesting, if not leaning on the safe side.

I like muscle bears and Colt continues to satisfy that desire with their Hairy Chest Calendar for 2005. Looking at the back of the calendar, sealed and impregnable, the selection is hot. Do check out Mr. May. WOOF.

Colt's competition for the last ten years plus has been 10 percent productions. Again they offer hot beefcake and nice bare buns, buttered just right in soft light and crisp tones. WOOF. Either calendar selections will please the discriminating Daddy and his boys. Check out on their site James Franklin hot collection of 13 mouthwatering cowboy studs. Yipee and Howdy. On the same subject, check out the tried and true offered in Studs n Spurs. It doesn't let you down.

I also offer for your selection calendars that are so mainstream. Fritz of Holland's drawings of hot beefcake is exceptional as always. Mr. March is very awe inspiring. Very hot images that make you look forward to every month.

These are my picks for 2005 hottest calendars. Of course, you can make your own to log on to everyday. Check out all the hot studs posted on the gRuffmen group at Yahoo groups. I am sure you can find just the right "daddies next door" to make each and ever day enjoyable.

Take each day by the hand and enjoy.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The Apprentice Boy: First Exposure

As we last met our 20 boys, they were getting acquainted. They were next assigned to a group, either Team Shackle or Team Gaunlet.

Let's spy on each team and see what the fuck's going on.

Team Shackle seems structured and is trying to develop a business plan to get their "BoyonCall" service operational. They each want to please Daddy by exposing their business skills. Already a few of the boys are getting into the planning. I see Derrick by himself in the corner, more concerned with matters in hand than staying focused and contributing to the group,.

Likewise Team Gauntlet is making sure it can get its plan for the Romper Dungle dungeons beyond paper. Some of the guys, especially Doug, are letting pettiness get into the way. Doug feels that a architectual 3D mock up of the dungle be constructed. He sees apathy in some of the boys and wants to get this project started. He feels that by building the mockup that the group will be judged better equiped later on to carry out their business plan. They will have to present it to a panel of financial investors to seek funding. They are vying for limited resources and Doug feels that their plan should be in the advanced stages of development before they make their presentation.

So the two teams are going about their assignments in different ways. Will Derrick and Doug be given the boot by their fellow boytoys for different reasons? Is Derrick too self centered to be of any use to Team Shackle further down the road? Is Doug taking too much authority and causing resentment among his team members? Who do you think should be given the boot? Stay tuned to find out what develops.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Joss Stone is this Daddy's girl

Just got back from the Kmart where I purchased the latest Joss Stone CD, mind, body and soul.
She co-wrote the first ten songs. Most are excellent, a few like"Security" are repetitous of the previous cuts. But along with the great legend, Betty Wright and equal, Angie Stone, there are some awesome songs. The first cut,"Right to be Wrong" kicks ass and sets the pace for the rest of the release.

Joss has that voice that just doesn't quit. She is Janis Joplin reincarnated, only better, refined, yet with this structured rawness. She effortlessly belts out lyrics that are meaningful, far beyond her 17 years.

There are some fantastic lyrics sprinkled throughout her songs. "TORN AND Tattered" is a great example. "SIck of singing living my life singing the same old song." This girl sings from the heart and she means every word of it. She makes Betty Wright's lyrics come to life.

"Young AT Heart" is an effort that brings Joss back to her current life, as a young girl trying to find what love is. Such lyrics as "Whenever I'm lonely he is the only one I miss." shows a young girl who has a crush and is love sick for her man. THose are meaningful lyrics and can really hit home.

I haven't been floored by a singer in a very long time. I love singers who belt a tune, straight from the heart. She is in the mold of Linda Ronstadt and Dusty Springfield and should have a long and creative career.

So give Joss a chance. She is worth the time. Savoy this voice. She'll soon become your favorite, too.